Do not buy domain names parked domain names

heard to buy the domain name is very troublesome, bought a later, only to know where the most trouble. The transaction process is not trouble, two or three days to get it, the cost is not high, the thought that you can begin to do the course of the station, who knows that Baidu is not included. Began to think that the update is not enough reason, so efforts to update more than a month. Still not included. April to buy the domain name, to the year of June, Baidu no movement, look at LOG, about five or six times, each interval of more than 10 days.

back on, before the discovery of the domain name bought by the domain name (or, where is a domain name dealer let let in the rest of his domain name in the Baidu page – according to the rules, this is the "copy" cheating). I am a programmer for seven years, there is no problem on optimization. If parked domain name can not be included in Baidu, after not easily buy domain names.

everyone to discuss, if you buy from others in the domain name, the domain name has been parked, Baidu will be included?

cite an example of less than a year ago, needless to say, and now Baidu is more stringent than before, would rather kill one thousand, also do not miss a

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