Kobe’s Taobao shop have long spider web also tube no matter

news July 24th, billion state power network discovery, NBA before the Lakers star Kobe · Bryant in the Taobao open shop called KOBE INC, is now under the framework of all Kobe products.

it is reported that in August last year, Kobe participated in the occupation career by Ali pictures "MUSE" documentary film officially released, Taobao store is in on-line over the same period, the shops selling MUSE T-shirt is also designed for this movie, a stage of each T-shirt represents the Kobe occupation career, the price is 198 yuan. At the same time, Kobe also personally photographed as a model, shooting advertising map shop.


(pictured: Kobe Taobao KOBE INC home page screenshot)

at present, this shop is still showing three products, are unrelated to the sports category, but the store’s Star shop certification mark and corporate store certification mark has not been canceled. Earlier, the relevant person in charge of Beijing hi power network technology Limited by Share Ltd responsible for the KOBE INC store operations also said that the company had stopped working with Kobe.

(pictured: the store’s current home page screenshot)

billion state power network learned soon in the documentary "MUSE" after the release, Kobe Taobao stores will gradually stop updating. Insiders believe that, although Kobe’s Taobao shop is no longer operational, does not mean that the cooperation between Alibaba and Kobe will terminate. Prior to Kobe became hungry spokesperson, a big reason is because of the coordination of ali.

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