Tyrants seek fresh fresh era, from brutal to mature brutal shuffle


I world network operators do daily fresh shopping entrance or create the explosion caused the star effect? For the mass consumer market is still aimed at forcing the high-end consumer market tide? We know who is swimming naked, the incoming from barbarism to the stage mature stage, brutal reshuffle who’ll survive


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, according to preliminary estimates, fresh electricity market size in the next 5 years can reach 100 billion level, but also will be born billions of market capitalization of the company, which is currently expanding fresh electricity supplier into a tonic.

in the overall market size from tens of billions of billions to the development stage, for this business, the expansion in the strategy is more important than profit. But as competition intensifies, the maturity of the market, on the development of investment earnings will be unsustainable. Don’t become the market’s "martyrs", the fresh Powers How to seek bureau

?The future of

three "fresh chowhound spell a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern

how to seek the Bureau, the most important thing is to predict the future of fresh electricity supplier market structure. The next five years, fresh electricity supplier in the breadth of the expansion will be from first-tier cities to second tier city, and then to the three line of the city expansion more difficult; the depth will be from the current penetration of less than 1% to 1%~2%, suitable for fresh products will be mining almost; in consumption habits, consumer groups formed a large number of mature fresh the development of a sharp rise in the cost of new users. That time, fresh electricity supplier market is a mature stage, consumers shopping more rational. Fresh electricity supplier in the future will have the following three categories:


online fresh supermarket type: mainly to meet the daily home of the public to buy ingredients, like the daily aunt to the supermarket to buy food, but became a kind of online shopping behavior. This is not a specific consumer fancy vegetables, some fruit, egg or meat brand, but from the product, price and service by a supermarket. In the field of online supermarket, the future will occupy most of the market is 2 ~3.

features supermarket type: for high-income families, to provide high quality ingredients, similar to the high-end supermarket in various high-end supermarkets. Consumers are very recognized at this time a supermarket, because here is the quality assurance, but also will recognize the brand of a certain kind of product, brand identification. In the future, it will be the same as the 2 ~3 occupy most of the market share, but there will be a number of different characteristics but not the bulk of the electricity supplier (for example, do a certain kind of fruit, just to import beef and mutton).

specialty shops, specialty products type: this type mainly for the more "picky" people, such as eating organic, love the taste, there are those who must eat the "story". This is a long tail market, a single large, not small.

barbaric growth stage to mature, the fresh bully who is swimming naked


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