Robin Li mobile and cloud represents the direction of China’s nternet development


Baidu CEO Robin Li (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) October 30th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li said today, in the future mobile and cloud Chinese Internet represents the direction of development, Baidu will continue to actively promote the construction and development of mobile cloud ecosystem. We are ready to meet the opportunities and challenges brought about by the transformation of the Internet from the PC era to the mobile era."

Robin Li has recently been on the mobile Internet development position. Prior to Robin Li said that Baidu’s mobile Internet business model has not been too clear, there are two possibilities, one may be the developer of the application can be loaded Baidu ads. Baidu probably has tens of thousands of alliance partners, alliance partners loaded Baidu ads and get Baidu. The future of wireless may also be the case, the application developer running in the Baidu ecosystem, Baidu loaded with some of his ads into.

another possibility is that the era of mobile Internet users do not accept advertising screen and small. Baidu is likely to be like apple App Store, many applications are starting to charge. Baidu as an application platform to help developers to promote, to provide him with the server, to provide him with a variety of techniques and tools, Baidu through his income to be divided into.

Robin Li also pointed out that the mobile Internet industry has not been really proven business model, Baidu is in the layout, in the observation, waiting, also in the preparation, but honestly don’t know what the answer is correct.

, however, it is clear that cloud technology and mobile Internet has become the focus of Baidu, Baidu’s core business unit. Baidu chief financial officer Li Xinzhe also said today, Baidu will focus on the core strategy, especially in the field of mobile and cloud continue to invest and layout. Next Baidu will continue to accelerate the pace of investment to achieve long-term sustainable development of sound."

It is reported that

, Baidu third quarter operating profit of about 3 billion 297 million yuan, an increase of 48.1% compared with the same period of 2011; the third quarter net profit attributable to Baidu about 3 billion 8 million yuan, an increase of 59.8%. From the earnings point of view, with the scale of growth, Baidu revenue grew sharply last year, the myth will be over.

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