China nternet Business Festival linli why only 919 crazy fans Festival

with China electricity supplier Festival Internet market, finally is no longer Ali and Jingdong "Errenzhuan" era! The rise of music fans of 919 electricity supplier Festival, not only to bring more passion a little boring business market, make the user more crazy, let China electricity market has entered the era of "War Within Three Kingdoms".

Ali double 11, 618 Jingdong, 919 LETV is China Internet the most famous of the three electricity supplier Festival, is the annual users to "cut the hand of the holiday. But with the double 11, 618 combined with whole platform enterprise carnival, 919 fans Festival is very unique, it is only by a company to prop up the electricity market electricity supplier festival.

September 6th, LETV held "eco summit carnival night in Beijing" purchase play strategy conference, LETV ecological O2O sales platform President Zhang Zhiwei said, the 919 Festival fans expected sales revenue of 4 billion yuan, and will come up with 1 billion Hao Li feedback fans, and invited Li Yuchun, Jolin, Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang and other stars and big coffee fans share the "919 ecological Carnival night."

news release, 919 fans Festival quickly occupy the headlines, 919 fans Festival, buy buy buy!!! "The voice spread rapidly in the hundreds of millions of fans. With the user in Ali double 11, Jingdong 618 shopping goods more than three different 919, why the Music Festival fans can get users’ collective love


burning 919 fans Festival

Chinese Internet

Business Festival, shopping festival everywhere, why only 919 fans so crazy, which makes users such fans crazy


"three major domestic electricity supplier Festival, I am only 919 fans Festival crazy pay!" in the music founder Jia Yueting micro-blog comments, and forum fans community, similar to the countless posts. These are all the way to grow and follow the music never abandon fan.

fans in the community, there are 3000+ million fans every day, every day to the topic of 5000+ of all music. In the 919 period, the topic will turn to the 919 fans Festival, full of "love of the company so fans, similar to the post we put super TV, mobile phone to buy super light".


accustomed to shopping online shopping users three, why they are so obsessed with music for 919 fans Festival, and set up ahead of time to open grab? Fans so crazy in love, Chinese Internet Shopping Festival of every hue is not uncommon. What are the fans of the music

so full of faith?

in the industry view, this is a topic worth pondering; but in the fans user view, the answer is very simple: believe in music, because she always gave us the best! Is the fans, to the user the most straightforward

!This is the

industry in search of answers, but also fans and users of the music of the past and make the best return. Because of the music fans behind the 919 crazy fans festival support, but also the music >

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