Value marketing will be the theme of the future B2C

do electricity supplier, a talk about network marketing, especially to the spirit. What advertising and marketing, QQ marketing, email marketing, community marketing, blog, forum, website Links, as well as the hottest micro-blog marketing and so on, all kinds of different people.

look at the domestic electricity supplier to use the network marketing model, mainly take two routes, one is the price of marketing. Take the "hard advertisement" route, with real money in exchange for orders, although a short time quick, but there is a fatal weakness, must continue to burn, the risk of the enterprise in the continuous accumulation of expansion, when hungry, would be a devastating blow to the enterprise.

second is the value of marketing. Take the "soft advertising" route, not blindly take to burn cast advertising, is a kind of soft marketing mode, drop penetration, establish brand awareness, strengthen the brand, enhance brand stickiness, although a short time difficult achievement, but I believe that as long as you persevere in hard work, will see the "man road as the iron more strides that scene


value of marketing, has two meanings, one layer is the corporate brand value, another is the marketing price and value equivalence, can only truly understand and realize these two meanings, can realize the value of marketing charm.

to beat shoes network, for example, as the country’s largest online sales of genuine shoes site, the real direct advertising is very small. The author believes that, the advertisement is just embellishment, especially the network advertisement, a gambler’s mentality inside, who can guarantee that, with real money advertising under the next second will return the number of orders is unknown?. The development of this type of gambling is too aggressive, the risk is very large.

making shoes as early as 09 years of brand operation, establish brand awareness, to the value of marketing strategy, rather than blindly through the price of advertising to advertising appeal, reflected only a surface of the enterprise, is the real connotation of enterprise in a step by step accumulated, to reflect the true value of your interaction with users. Integrity, honesty, responsibility, the quality of refining virtually enhance the core competitiveness of making shoes.

low cost and high efficiency, is the essence of value marketing. Making shoes strong skills, clear brand value, create brand service, attaches great importance to the user experience and mood. Interact with users through blogs, forums, QQ, micro-blog reputation, etc., for users who demand real value, on the other hand, also show the value and connotation of enterprises to a greater extent, and not just stay in the pursuit of this commodity.

let the value to enhance the service, the user in the shoe network every time consumption, not just the customer service department, but the entire operation of the team, this idea is to beat the shoe network everyone must uphold. A complete order, from front to back, from order to delivery, each link can not go wrong, ring supervision, pipelining, each pair of shoes are a guarantee excellent authentic, additional users enjoy the gift >

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