nvisible Bank Kenya m-Pesa services in Africa


m-Pesa is a localized on the service (Tencent technology plan)


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mobile phone in Africa provides the conditions for innovation (Tencent technology plan)



mPesa agent stores (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on July 9th news, according to foreign media reports, University of Cambridge scholar Olivia · O’Sullivan (Olivia O Sullivan) published an article introduces popular Kenya mobile banking service m-Pesa, the service by mobile phone Short Message convenient payment, cash transfers, etc.. Moreover, m-Pesa did not give up the remote and poor people, but as the main user.

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kiwanja.net website published the "digital diversification" series of blog one of the articles, the · series by anthropologist Ken Banks; (Ken Banks) launched, aimed to investigate the changes and mobile phone technologies related to billions of people around the world live. The following is the main content of the article:

press a few keys, enter a few numbers, the transaction can be completed. Only need a cell phone, and registered to the Kenya mobile service provider Safaricom, you can pay within a few seconds, no cash, no need to go to the bank queue. This is the m-Pesa service that is changing the African economy. This service allows users and businesses without cash and bank accounts, even without a fixed address can be paid. The issue of "digital diversity" is the impact of m-Pesa on economic and financial development in developing countries.

in the developed world, we have become accustomed to the idea that the developed countries to create industrial and economic progress model, other countries must follow. Many of our major ideas about development are based on the assumption that the West in nineteenth Century opened the economic development channel, developing countries need to do now is to "catch up", even we are the language to the difference between "developed" and "developing" treatment.

but new innovations are challenging the idea that developing countries must follow the developed world model. In the banking and finance industry, no cash transfers and do not have to be mobile and flexible exchange in Geneva or London or New York, a mobile money transfer revolution has occurred, but not in the financial center, but in Kenya, it is m-Pesa.

This service is provided by

Safaricom and Vodafone R & D, and launched in 2007. This service is not only used in cities or large commercial institutions, by 2010 there are more than 50%>

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