SAC will not relax the regulation of electricity supplier

newspaper news (reporter Yang Bin) "operators interviewed is not enough, is to be severely punished." "After the announced market monitoring results to the society, must have the evaluation plan, sampling inspection of goods lethality is very strong, consumer product comparison test is, can be said that each of them is the killer, but as long as we are in accordance with the law, to steady accurate attack, failing to panic, also don’t be afraid". After Taobao shake hands, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ma Zhengqi at the meeting of the national industrial and commercial systems of consumer protection video on today’s speech, the participants heard, revealed the administration is still not to relax the regulation of the electricity supplier.

Ma Zhengqi introduced this year to develop the "measures" the supervision and management of quality and circulation of goods online sales of goods quality inspection related regulations, issued "the implementation of the new consumer law" business enterprise "7 days no reason to return the guidelines", improve consumer rights standardization, and legalization. Obviously, the electricity supplier network supervision is still the highlight of this year’s State Administration for Industry and commerce, will not relent.

Ma Zhengqi said that the key areas of consumer rights is an important measure to respond to social concerns, to conquer disease of chronic illness. The next period, will promote the five key areas of consumer rights. General Administration will lead the organization of mobile phones, clothing, children’s toys, electric bicycles, wires and cables and other commodity quality sampling, synchronous network sales of goods to promote the quality of sampling, to promote the source of governance. Further standardize the sampling behavior, strict sampling procedures, improve sampling effectiveness. At the same time to promote the service areas of consumer rights, focusing on key areas reflecting the focus on consumer banking, telecommunications services, Internet services, tourism, public service industry, especially the "king clause", to carry out special rectification of the terms of the contract format in the national organization.

at the same time, increase the intensity of investigating the case. According to the key industries of consumer complaints and commodity quality sampling problems and enterprises, carry out administrative interviews, investigate and punish illegal and counterfeit trademark quality, false advertising, contract fraud, consumer infringement cases, the punishment cases must be resolutely punished according to law, the transfer of cases must be resolutely transferred according to the procedure, it is strictly prohibited to punish escrow, a penalty stop, do human case, relations case, money case.

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