Online shop operators entrepreneurial mentality

talk about entrepreneurship, we all know that the future is unknown, are supported by faith, the secret of success is attributed to the success of the goal to continue to adhere to adhere to adhere to. Before we enter an industry, we must first do a system planning of themselves to work and do not fully prepared, early passion, difficulties will discourage.

now has a lot of network shop every day, every day to give up a lot since the shop good money, why there are so many people quit? Good quality one includes many aspects, we face the pressure and frustration have stronger psychological ability.

here we talk about the psychological preparation before opening the shop:

first, before we start, we have to give up many of the good times in life, we may not have time to go shopping, no time to leave, no time to take care of the children, wife. Because we gave up a lot of entrepreneurial than give up the habit of life, sometimes need to learn you have knowledge, constantly learning to make our business go further, often working late into the night is homely food. Because we are likely to venture of cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra disease and shoulder periarthritis.

how you can persist? Don’t see someone shop how hot, how to make money. In the network, which is not a good seller after thoroughly tempered out? Don’t need to pay will be successful? Some people may see here to consider the exit, many websites to promote open shop how simple, how convenient and so on, those who are ready for the conditions of the people. Many sellers are very successful, it is because they have their own advantages.

"the favor of successful people".

, for example, I do cosmetics, I have a stable purchase channels, physical stores; familiar with the cosmetics of all kinds of information; then I want to open shop, I have the greatest advantage: supply. I don’t need the money, because I’m doing the cosmetics industry. I do not need to purchase, pressure goods, do shop is only a part of my business expansion. Even if I don’t succeed, I still have the store. Online shop as long as I am familiar with the shop platform, product photos, logistics management, shop promotion, marketing skills enough.

these people open shop is very simple? Trouble? How: you do not supply, no technology, no experience, no money? How to open shop? Do you know the product agent?? do you have any relatives products? If not, then there is not enough time. Enough. There are too many conditions you lack. So to succeed you need to pay more than others. Choose an entrepreneurial project is not simple, but do not go to see others do good envy, follow suit shop. That would be a big blow to me.

choose to do poineering work on the net mean to be able to pay a lot of, but won’t necessarily get ideal return, how to adjust the state of mind is bad, once do, will encounter a lot of difficulties and obstacles >

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