Deputies angrily pharmaceutical business chaos network selling into blacklist

China News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (reporter Ceng Nai) – shop selling prescription drugs, false advertising network flooding

…… Talk about the pharmaceutical business chaos, the National People’s Congress Xie Zilong angry words "medicine is a special commodity, should strictly control the drug trade network, and so can not be a problem to do it".

as a large pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Xie Zilong topic every year can not be separated from the doctor to buy medicine". He brought 4 bills this year, the more than and 20 proposal concerns pharmaceutical reform. Internet medical, is his mouth hot words.

data show that as of December 2015, China’s Internet users reached 688 million. Last year, China’s online retail sales of more than 3 trillion and 870 billion yuan, an increase of 33.3% over the previous year. With the surging tide of online shopping, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has become the new darling. According to Xie Zilong introduction, according to the State Food and drug administration data, as of the end of 2014, there are 383 companies access to Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate, and only two in 2006.

but this is becoming his concern: online pharmacies invisible, invisible, difficult to control, difficult to obtain evidence, supervision is a prominent problem".

"is firmly opposed to the sale of prescription drugs, because private prescription drugs can cause a lot of health risks," said Xie Zilong. Prescription drugs refer to the drugs that must be purchased with a physician’s prescription. But he found that many shops selling private prescription drugs, do not need to provide a prescription, let alone a doctor guidance.

network of medical advertising, so that thank you can always find a lot of inexplicable information". He said that now the network is filled with a lot of non professional, false medical information, it is recommended to focus on the rectification of PPC medical advertising.

According to

Xie Zilong’s proposals, he believes, should formulate "food and drug law" Internet trading, trading platform operators, to check for merchants settled and products, on the problem of fake and shoddy goods shall be held jointly liable. He said that the current drug management law to regulate the third party logistics, Internet sales of drugs, such as the lack of legal basis, the existence of regulatory gaps, should accelerate the revision.

Xie Zilong suggested that the sale of fake and shoddy drugs for enterprises and individuals, should establish a blacklist".

however, Xie Zilong also said that the electricity supplier is a new industry, the development will inevitably encounter problems, strict supervision is not all negative, pharmaceutical development also cannot do without "embrace the internet". (end)

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