The impact of the economic crisis on the nternet showed COM domain global shrink

U.S. economic crisis began to affect the U.S. domain name industry. According to foreign statistics agency Webb House Dean data show that in November the United States at the beginning of the COM domain in a week Neijin minus 150 thousand. On a global scale, the number of people in the United States on the acceptance of the U.S. COM domain name has continued to decline in Korea, COM domain name has been sustained for more than six weeks in a negative growth in Australia, there are also negative growth of five weeks. Analysts pointed out that, along with the rise of the power of the Internet, the dominance of the U.S. COM domain name has been shaken, is gradually being replaced by Internet domain names.

crisis dragged COM domain name " launching "

The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States caused heavy losses to the United States, seriously shaken the confidence of the U.S. market, and quickly transmitted to the virtual economy level


earlier U.S. Internet industry as a result of an earlier start, the management of its COM domain name was also an unlimited scenery. But in the general recession, the market sentiment is weak, the value of the U.S. COM domain name is rapidly shrinking. Resulting in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Germany and the United States COM domain have appeared negative growth, while in China, COM growth is slowing down, the number of the recent week growth was only more than 3 thousand.

COM domain name has been criticized

in fact, the impact of the financial crisis is only one of the predisposing factors, the global understanding of the U.S. COM domain name is the core of return to reason.

analysts believe that, for a long time, the United States COM domain name was dressed up as " international domain name " image, to many countries, businesses and Internet users caused a serious misleading. The domain name, there is no difference between international and non international, in any domain with " global " quality management, whether it is the United States COM domain name or Germany under the jurisdiction of the DE domain, there is no difference.

with the development of the Internet industry in various countries, COM domain name " get up early " the advantage is no longer, this point in the level of the Internet in the United States followed by the development of European countries is particularly evident. Such as Germany’s DE domain name and the British UK domain name, its recognition in the country is far more than the United States COM domain name, and the local people’s rational understanding of the domain name is also more to promote the further development of its Internet level.

high access disk unwise

data from the Webb House Dean statistics agency can be seen, COM domain name in Germany, Britain, South Korea, Australia and other countries, the rate of decline is very obvious, continued negative growth in these countries often occur. The unexpected crisis that the world economy is to bid farewell to the United States as the center of the era, with the decay of American COM domain name recognition and registration of people falling enthusiasm, the global domain name pattern will no longer be the United States COM domain monopoly.


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