Fashion media giant’s fashion website Style transformation electricity supplier

investment in the number of fashion e-commerce sites, fashion media giant Kangtai Nast international publishing group finally decided to open up a "experimental field", according to WWD reports, the company intends its fashion website Style transition to e-commerce website, and the content of business with the group’s original Style content website Vogue with its content, most team will also be incorporated into the Vogue station also opens up a new domain name voguerunway is responsible for the T report.

Style in 2000 as a fashion magazine "Vogue" on the official website, after Runway Shows, developed into a set of fashion news, street party, as the main content of the light fashion website, Style fashion show once in a fast, comprehensive look, as many fashion enthusiasts preferred site download pictures, but in recent years, with the development of the progress of science and technology and social media, the release rate has been far from being Twitter, Facebook and the new photo sharing application Instagram off, even as the live site nowfashion in the street, fashion news, Style and Vogue do not have a high degree of overlap, and local Vogue countries website.

2011 Style launched namesake paper version of the magazine, but the magazine short life at the end of last year, has announced the closure, reason is self-evident, in 2011 announced the launch of Style magazine, the editor in chief Dirk Standen said it will also test water and electricity.

Kangtai International Publishing Group in the field of e-commerce has been full of ambition, but the group also had to adapt to digital transformation. In early 2014, the birth of almost simultaneously with the Style of a group of paper publications "Lucky" was a major adjustment, publications and the group BeachMint e-commerce platform with The Lucky Group to form an independent joint venture company. One of the founders of BeachMint Josh The Lucky Berman will become the chief executive of Group, "Lucky", general manager of Gillian Gorman Round will serve as president of the company, and his "Lucky", just over a year Eva Chen will serve as chief creative officer, while Kangtai Nast art director Anna Wintour as a consultant role, other "Lucky" editor and business team members to join the new company. The group’s investment in e-commerce sites, including the British Farfetch, the French electricity supplier Vestiaire Collective, the German electricity supplier Renesim and Monoqi, etc..

at the end of 2013, for the vigorous development of e-commerce momentum, Kangtai Nast International Publishing Group announced the creation of the electronic commerce and the electronic commerce department, director of the Franck Z> away from Lafayette

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