Try to avoid holidays online shopping orders surge slow courier delivery

now, Christmas and the new year "relay",,, etc. many shopping sites are a round of the shopping boom, "Christmas special offer", "group purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival" and "seckill", "the most awesome" advertisement for numerous competing in the wallet". Unfortunately, a large number of the courier company has therefore emerged one after another package "blowout" and "explosion", attracted many buyers have complained that posting "received the goods all over the season, express too suck!"

express became snail delivery

in some online shopping forum, some netizens drying out the speed of delivery, they are more than the slowest". Before the end of the general order, within 3 days of arrival, and now I have to wait for a full 7 days, this speed is really too anxious." Hushang white-collar lady recently tasted the taste of the snail pass. In December 16th she has several toys in order to Dangdang online, 18 electronic order has been shown to arrive in Shanghai before, but until December 23rd when she received at home outside the "floating" package for a week.

Zhu suffered almost exactly the same, 10 days before his scheduled book in, still unaccounted for, call the customer hotline to ask only to a frustrating "voice answer" — the company’s distribution coincided with the holidays, a large amount of your order may be delayed.

it is understood that the Jingdong, Taobao mall, Dangdang, excellence, Le cool many days of online mall year-end promotions, business volume soared far exceeds the delivery capacity, plus the weather and other reasons, most courier companies appeared to delay phenomenon in different degrees, make online shopping "express" has become a "slow delivery". In fact, the Taobao website uses more tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme and other courier companies because the business volume has doubled several times, more often seen "explosion" phenomenon: one side is the courier at the distribution end busy, and while it is a large number of objects to send goods slow accumulation.

online a delay reminder

express "suck" has become the most headache problem for consumers to online shopping. The data show that only in 2010 November, 315 consumer complaints network received the courier industry effective complaints 4219, the volume of complaints rose by 84.72%, which was later delayed complaints in November primary problems, accounting for 56.16% of the total complaints.

"take your baby we have been in accordance with the payment have been issued, the courier is busy, is expected to be three to five days to wait", "National Express’ warehouse explosion ‘, receiving time delay, I hope that buyers understand", "the end of the courier busy mind please careful take", now Taobao major shops have been hit in succession such information to the buyers, playing the psychological prevention needle". Some shop shopkeeper said, after the announcement will increase in shops, or advance promotional activities, and other businesses try to stagger the peak purchase period.

and courier companies have also started to follow up the

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