On the jewelry marketing magic

every morning, the sun will start on. Magic as yesterday summer, feeling the warm, nor by the heartfelt sigh. Your emotions are in front of sleeve.

if it is not on the keyboard hammering the finished article, maybe I would say at this moment to the mood, whether after ten years still delicious aftertaste. A few years ago waking from a dream, to the Qing and Ming Dynasty are sincere and unreserved, holding time as water Qin Painting Collection refers to the month, withered.

this time leaving school more than in May, the company entered the no difference between 3 months and 4 days. We are selling jewelry, and is very exquisite workmanship jewelry. As a petty complex, jewelry this line can be described as appropriate, I love poeticize to a common object, and that force people, because I’m always weaving what, let life is not limited to "life", should focus on "live".

accessories and other industries are not the same, not so many complicated "professional", so that at the time not into the deep cleverness, the article can also write Yishangkuaiyou home page. Accounted for the three resources including the focus map. Regardless of the professionalism of the industry, but the industry has the most abundant human history". In the early Stone Age about 75 thousand years ago, in a cave overlooking India ocean, our ancestors picked up a lot of shells, they cut a few holes in the above shells, together, produced in human history. The oldest known.

I’m in charge of the company’s entire social media platform. But in the marketing strategy, may have differences with the boss. In my opinion, jewelry is a sentimental extension, is a cup of hot water. And professional, is a cup of cold water. All I have to do is to combine him with a cup of warm water, and the temperature is just right.

asked me to release a product every day on micro-blog, and a detailed description of the size of the cold, as well as the price. I chose to do things carelessly, because see too many micro-blog marketing case, so I know that micro-blog is not a place to sell things, micro-blog is a perceptual platform, is to do the brand benefit, is the interaction with the public. And a day will only release the product micro-blog cold, no one will pay attention to you, no one will interact with you.

this is a journey, I hope that their products play somewhere scenic journey, a bunch of flowers, and customers is the traveler, on the road by the beauty, is unable to restrain the emotions picked a flower on the palm of the hand, with appreciation. I believe that from the emotional factors to earn customers will remember our brand, remember that our business, especially for jewelry, culture, is the magic weapon to win.

every one to do the decoration, can tell customers how we are professional, we have what qualifications, our company how powerful, but this is not important, really can arouse the desire to buy, is the soul of that subtle throb, is a memory. A scene many years ago

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