Electricity supplier preferential fog consumers must be wary of online shopping discount trap

no Yuezhan, no shouting, no parity, three days before the national holiday, with respect to the line of "promotion combined" put up a pageantry, the major electricity supplier launched only occasional discount. After several rounds of electricity supplier price war, electricity supplier forced line trend is becoming increasingly apparent. National Day, consumers are more inclined to online parity, the store to buy". Experts suggest that the holiday tide to spend more moisture, frequent fishing sites, consumers need to be alert to fall into the trap of online shopping.

electricity supplier laissez faire line when the protagonist

relative to a month before the electricity supplier war, double era electricity supplier promotions fighting strength is flat. In addition to discount, most of the electricity supplier launched the "full back" or "coupons" routine activities.

Tmall mall launched the national day save money big winner activities, direct price cuts. The performance of Jingdong has always been a high-profile low-key, in addition to the introduction of the national Jingdong Three Musketeers low attack "and other promotional activities, not to do too much publicity.

and online than offline channels play double holiday promotions for "the protagonist". Reporters in Guangzhou Suning, GOME stores access invention, line shop launched promotional methods are various, the price is competitive.

merchants play promotional combination punches". Guangzhou is located in the Milky way more than Suning and Gome firm, the reporters found in addition to the traditional price, gifts, gifts of gold deposit certificates and other means, the credit card payment rate of zero, zero clearance, with UnionPay vouchers and other financial card promotions conspicuous. Gold, diamonds, tourism has also been used as a gift to become a businessman to attract consumers gimmick.

after several electricity supplier price war, spending online shopping spending habits initially formed, the electricity supplier forced line trend is becoming increasingly apparent.

67% consumers know electricity supplier war. Over 80% of respondents implied national day shopping will more reference collection price, the cost of 46% "in the online price for the same price as the standard, products in the store, 38.7% of consumers" will be more fresh fighting prices on the internet". Five star home appliances announced before the national day home appliance consumption demand survey report shows that consumers are more likely to be in the online parity, the store to buy".

consumers must be wary of online shopping trap


double holiday, "singles day", "twelve, after christmas. The total last year taobao.com "century day trading break 5 billion 200 million yuan, then the major electricity supplier to follow" shuangshier "also takes in billions of yuan. A successful precedent, will continue to make electricity supplier is clearly keen Festival promotion. However, experts suggest that consumers, electricity providers need to be aware of the tide tide and other online shopping sites such as fishing traps.

straight down, back now, full back, spike, reserve price, limited purchase time limit". Various promotions let netizen dazzling, will greatly stimulate the desire to buy.

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