Dangdang.com put the word shuangshier negative margin promotion

Li Guoqing said this is the company’s business strategy, he said that due to the current electricity supplier price war frequent and intense, Dangdang part of the negative gross margin sales of goods is not a gimmick.

– reporter He Jun

said that if the past "double eleven" is the protagonist of Tmall, so the upcoming "shuangshier", Dangdang is the new media center.

days ago, the media exposed, the electricity supplier price war by taking the ground stockpile, dangdang.com into the hardest hit. Directed due to the difference between the price and the price of the cable on the cable line is too large, resulting in a lot of physical store is no longer through the traditional channels of purchase, but from the bulk of Dangdang online purchase, price increases and then sold in the store. However, an unnamed insiders told the "Securities Daily" said: "the entity store stockpile has long been an open secret in many electricity providers, especially the larger discount on goods, have."

in December 4th, dangdang.com in the official micro-blog confirmed that the entity store by dangdang.com to spread the stockpile phenomenon. And that, in the electricity supplier price war is becoming increasingly fierce in the background, to give consumers affordable at the same time, but also to provide goods, illegal traders hoard goods, two pound selling opportunities.

dangdang.com micro-blog said: "the real purpose of promotion, is for rebates to consumers, and some businesses use become the tools of making money, not our rebate intention, please store mercy. Dangdang.com also once again, will be in the Double Twelve period for books, Yun Yingtong, beauty, clothing and other large discount category of strict control, once found businesses hoard goods account, substantiated by the investigation will according to rules for processing." Public information, books, Yun Yingtong, beauty, clothing is the main category Dangdang four, so the discount is also the biggest, the next line of business profit margin is also the largest.

– negative margin promotional

although Dangdang said it would intensify efforts to crack down, but the industry also pointed out that, regardless of technology or law, it is difficult to detect and investigate such acts. But the problem is urgent, dangdang.com has Fangchuhualai in twelve to ‘negative margin’ promotion. In other words, if the gross profit is negative, the price difference will be even more significant under the line and ground, taking stockpile will undoubtedly be more intense desire." In addition, the relevant departments have recently asked the electricity supplier is not allowed to malicious competition, Dangdang this move is suspected of violating it?

said this, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing told the "Securities Daily" interview: "due to the current electricity supplier price war is frequent and intense, we are part of the category negative margin promotional situation, but this is not a gimmick, but for real customer feedback. After the relevant departments against vicious competition, more is against false promotions, prices rose after the first drop phenomenon, Dangdang twelve promotion does not exist in this case."

from eleven to twelve double cycle, more and more electricity supplier price war is short, the fever of the price war, Li Guoqing pointed out: "

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