51 happy shopping online SNS collective E-commerce

recently, 51.com launched a low-key shopping channel 51 happy purchase, the official entry of e-commerce. The difference with the general store, "51 happy purchase" into the SNS element, with the album association module, the user can obtain 51 album pictures, directly generate personalized gifts.

with 360 laps, ants have closed network services, SNS entire domestic industry panic, especially by hundreds of thousands of Uchome to build up small and medium-sized SNS site, because of too serious homogenization, profit model is not clear, ready to face the crowning calamity is frantically searching for nuggets point, new. Many people in the industry said that the SNS site has a natural convergence popularity, expand the advantages of personal connections, combined with e-commerce will certainly have great value. But SNS+ e-commerce has long been a kind of concept form, the actual case is very scarce, questioned the sound one after another.

this year, happy network officially opened the platform, and then launched a variety of life service class applications, want to get rid of the game cycle is short, weak weakness weakness, began to test the waters of e-commerce. Renren.com in thousands of network group purchase group melee fighting, using its own brand and platform advantages, launched the glutinous rice nets. Douban in the last year has been launched buy function, guide the user to online shopping. Today, 51 happy purchase on-line, the main domestic SNS sites have invariably embarked on the road of e-commerce.

"51 happy buy" since the trial operation, immediately by the heat of the 51 users, has completed the transaction order of more than 50 thousand. Glutinous rice network for the first time to buy goods on the order of up to 150 thousand in the public home page opened on everyone, the number of people concerned has more than 100 thousand. Although several major SNS e-commerce e-commerce has just begun, currently only a shallow level of integration, but the potential has begun to be found, which is weak growth in small and medium SNS site earnings may be a revelation.

in the face of the huge amount of users in the integrated SNS SNS site, small and medium size of the use of a limited group of users, but the subdivision of the user targeted stronger, more social e-commerce precision marketing. SNS sites need to combine its own positioning, analysis of customers to rely on specialized, refined, service for reputation, such as the use of iwebsns + iwebshop which is similar to a software company, to achieve the depth of integration from the website function, to display, vote, users to discuss a variety of ways to guide users to buy, to win customers favor share, and then guide the new evaluation the transaction, so a virtuous circle, rather than confined to see advertising, business process.

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