Jingdong announced 618 sales data mobile terminal cut orders of 14

June 19th news, Jingdong 618 to promote the first round of data released, in June 18th the world’s single volume last year, an increase of more than 100%. Mobile, mobile client, WeChat and mobile QQ portal are involved, the single day from the mobile terminal accounted for 1/4.

Jingdong executives seem to cooperate with Tencent, increased traffic entrance WeChat, mobile QQ and other channels, the data is noteworthy. The following for billion state power network Jingdong 618 all day long sales data:

this year, the world’s single volume compared with 618 last year, an increase of more than 100% from the mobile terminal of the single amount of the proportion of the total amount of the order of about about $1/4.

daily commodities, milk powder sold more than 270 thousand, about 350 tons; personal care products sales of more than 1 million 200 thousand full platform bottles; cosmetic sales 900 thousand; food and drink wine, all day long sold 200 tons of rice, 490 tons; about 900 thousand bottles of wine sold; clothing category performance well, there are more than 730 thousand pieces of clothing sold more than 200 thousand pairs of fashion footwear products sold; Home Furnishing products sold nearly 3 million.

and the annual highlight, household appliances all day long has sold about 100 thousand TV sets, Jingdong, Changhong, PHILPS and other sales; air conditioning sales of more than 100 thousand Taiwan; communication category of mobile phone and accessories are hot sales, sold an average of 9 per second; whole category sold more than 130 thousand units of computer.

books sold 850 thousand copies a day. Popular literature books, including "the kite runner" topped the list of Jingdong since the publication of books "Achilles song" ranked second, and the film "return" of the original novel "Lu Yan guilty knowledge" ranked third.

618 last year after the big promotion, Jingdong CMO Lanye disclosed that the Jingdong to promote the large peak three days (June 17th ~6 19) a total of 7 million single orders obtained in the whole water, a total of 5 billion. According to the external data out of the last year, sales of about 618 Jingdong in 1 billion 700 million on the next day.

announced this year’s Jingdong data, mobile orders accounted for 25% of the total, mobile channels and previously published accounting data, Jingdong APP orders accounted for 18%, then the number of orders and WeChat mobile phone QQ is about 7%. If single day sales this year by 3 billion 400 million (by last year’s figure of two times), Jingdong in this year’s sales in the mobile port is between 8~9 billion, while WeChat and mobile phone sales in QQ up and down.

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