With e-commerce characteristics of agricultural products no longer sell difficult problems

2010 reporters from the information and modern agricultural fair, Shanghai agricultural commodities market (CCBOT) starting from the local agricultural industrialization development, introduced the characteristics of agricultural products marketing security system, to achieve a unified online and offline, unified virtual and real, unified logistics, information flow and capital flow, provides strong support for agriculture and agricultural financial order in the development of agricultural industrialization in use. In the future the country characteristics of agricultural products without the farmers along the street stalls selling, do not run all over the country in order to go the supermarket, the electronic market through the nationwide transactions, no longer subject to "difficult to sell" problem.

According to the Shanghai

agricultural commodities market management Co., Ltd. chairman Fei Jian introduced the CCBOT in the "open, fair and just principle, the use of information technology in advanced electronic commerce, agricultural bank, construction bank, ICBC China China third party funds deposit and settlement services support system, establish a standardized perfect transaction the settlement and delivery, and information release system, formed by the online shops, auction, special spot, long-term deal for the characteristics of agricultural products online trading platform, and established a perfect logistics delivery system, supporting the quality and safety system, a nationwide dealer service center system, constitute the credit guarantee system of agricultural trade China products, to provide full credit guarantee for the parties to the transaction, to ensure the safety of the transaction, standardized and efficient Orderly. All members of the dealers rely on the bulk of the agricultural market in Shanghai network, through the Internet to carry out agricultural products online transactions, the annual turnover has exceeded 120 billion yuan.

expenses revealed that Shanghai agricultural commodities market plan to be completed in 2012 2861 counties dealer service center construction in the country, the establishment of warehousing and logistics center in the 333 Center City, to build the supply chain security Chinese first agricultural products, create equal opportunities for trade Chinese farmers, resolutely to reassure the public, farmers and enterprises happy heart the government is concerned about, and worry.

it is reported that this year Shanghai agricultural commodities market launched the "hundred hundred county" project, from thousands of China’s county (city) selected 100 rich local characteristics of agricultural products in the national planning, easy circulation of agricultural products, agricultural products in Shanghai city through the bulk trading platform for stock circulation. Through the "hundred hundred county" project, the characteristics of agricultural products producing guidance to promote the implementation of "order agriculture", realize the true meaning of "to break", long plagued the majority of farmers increasing output without increasing the spell, and trade protection mechanism is formed between the farmers and agricultural products, agricultural products broker and broker purchasing enterprises, guarantee 100% the performance, achieved by the transformation of traditional agriculture to order agriculture modernization, to solve the current "agriculture financial predicament.

Fei Jian told reporters, "100 hundred county" trading of standardized contracts, margin system, balance system, dealer access system, total order and flow control system, the third party warehouse delivery system, the real name system of centralized electronic trading contract, lock directly into the physical delivery, ban >

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