Liar fake buyers pit Taobao sellers wrong account cheat the owner pad money

Beijing, Nanjing (Su Gongxin Yang Yanci) in June 17, it received a bank remittances sent by SMS, why money has not arrived? Taobao seller Chen cheated nearly 20 thousand yuan, still do not understand exactly what means liar.

June 17th, Jiangsu police uncovered a new scam: Taobao cheat sellers police arrested a fraud Gang, they are posing as buyers and sellers, and sellers to the bank card payment, so that the seller will receive remittances to the Alipay in the way of the implementation of fraud.

seller received bank remittances sent by SMS, but finally found the money not arrival. It turned out that the bank’s message is just a reminder to someone’s account to remit money, but the success can not be text messages prevail. The fraud Gang is the use of this highly confusing way, deliberately lost the wrong remittance account so that more than and 50 people fooled.

: the nearly twenty thousand yuan cheated, Taobao sellers unaware

"I might have been a liar." One day in late April this year, Suzhou public Chen with a lot of questions to Suzhou Taiping police station. Miss Chen opened a shop, specializes in clothing business, daily turnover million yuan. After the end of the day, she combed the accounts, and found himself on the account of less than 19 thousand and 800 yuan.

after careful investigation, she found that the day she had a total of four yuan remittances totaling $19 thousand and 800 did not arrive. I obviously received the bank’s remittance text messages, how did you receive the money?.

police after investigation found that, although the bank sent a message to Miss Chen, but the 4 remittances eventually due to remittances account errors and failures. Taobao Internet trading is generally with the Alipay deal, how will Miss Chen remittance? The face of police questions, Miss Chen recalled that 4 of the remittance details.

The original

, in the morning, she received a buyer of Ali Wangwang information, the other said saw Miss Chen shop in the value of 2000 yuan to buy clothes. See business door, Miss Chen naturally warm reception.

however, the other said, for some reason, he can not be bank card money into your Alipay account, so I hope to send money to Ms. Chen’s bank account, and then by Miss Chen put money into the Alipay payment.

in order to retain customers, and that not much money, but it is the first to receive the money by Alipay to transfer money out, not what risk. So, Miss Chen agreed to the request of the other party.

received the bank remittance message, Miss Chen from his Alipay transfer 2000 yuan to other Alipay accounts. The other side also said that the fancy of other goods, so it has been 4 times to make Miss Chen out of the $19 thousand and 800. Until Miss Chen finishing accounts, she found that the other side of remittances to their 4 funds are not credited.

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