Adult supplies electricity supplier groping in the dark


| Sun Hongchao

wrote on a piece of paper before: "I saw a very funny joke." "Listen to me." "But it’s yellow." "Yellow place you skip it!" "OK, skip skip, skip skip skip skip skip, finish."

this means that if there are vague in part, that is being skipped in the audit.

started from the birth of the day, Adult supplies industry in China is a carefully conceal mentioning industry. In the drunk after whispering in the industry really had a word of mouth. Adult erotic economy is economic and rapid rise to become the upstart, is believed to be about guns artifact unfamiliar street; lonely night shake WeChat; some walking video chat site; and the legend of the 1024, which are changing people’s traditional knowledge. And adult products are quietly changing people’s lives.

and other industries, more and more people from across a small alley in the dim light, the facade banzhebanyan Adult supplies store (in the vicinity, mostly accompanied by an unknown function of the barber shop, bar, bath center) a little understanding of Adult supplies to. In these stores shelves, often covered with inflatable dolls, over the seven vertical eight full manual workshop atmosphere did not seem to fit for our size dildos and more delay oil, Viagra (mostly fake) and other ancillary products.

Compared to

and other areas, Adult supplies line shop called profiteering, cost only a few dollars, sales prices tend to be in the hundred yuan. In the eyes of chunshuitang founder Lin Degang, this is because Adult supplies store into the store rate is very low, in order to make a profit, must be in each of the guests who earn enough profits. In the mouth of some media, adult products are also known as China’s invisible profits industry champion, even higher than the traditional perception of the glasses industry and the pharmaceutical industry. A natural question, how big is the market.

has been on the micro-blog publicly said: now China’s stationery market annual sales of 5 billion yuan, but the market demand is more than $15 billion, there are 10 billion yuan demand can not be met." The investigation report of a consulting firm is more optimistic: in 2011, domestic supplies of domestic industry retail sales of 120 billion yuan, which accounted for 15% of the instruments; from 2006 to 2011, the industry compound growth rate is 20%, to 2016, will reach 30%.

such a large profit margins and growth momentum, electricity providers will not let go. In 2000, Adult supplies segments, a number of main fun supplies electricity supplier B2C, such as colorful Valley, spring house, orange, Taohuawu, the valley of love, love to appear. In the view of price founder Huang Tiancai, Adult supplies do not appear to be unscientific: "I think the definition of supplies is a tool, before hundreds of thousands of people now with the original human biggest difference is the use of tools, but in male masturbation, thousands of years are not.

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