2014, Liu Qiangdong led the Jingdong prepared to force

is back in the United States for 4 months Liu Qiangdong! He held a press conference yesterday, on the future development strategy on their own in the 4 months of the Jingdong. In his view, the Internet industry called the ticket does not exist, the Jingdong to do is let the Jingdong become absolute best, than not a good, the ultimate good. 2014 the most important thing is: mobile and big data, finance, O2O, channel sink and internationalization.

entrepreneurial state according to Liu Qiangdong speech finishing:

strategy on 2014

next year for us, the most important thing is our technology, mobile and big data as the two core technology, to seek a breakthrough, especially our innovation mechanism should be established, so in our R & D personnel inside the Bank of more than three thousand, we establish some new group, through the virtual project, or even completely independent a subsidiary of this property independently, to activate our creative, can bring more and better products to you.

second is the financial, our position is to build a bridge between the important enterprises and banks. China has said is committed to small and medium-sized enterprises, but the bank risk, no risk to your loan, we use our logistics system, can quickly help SMEs do not need any mortgage contract, do not sign, as long as the Jingdong and mall cooperation, he used the product record, his reputation and we will give him an amount of money, loans 3 minutes to arrive, up to tens of millions, at least a few million yuan. But the 2 day loan, 2 days, not to the back, the loan repayment is completed within 3 minutes, do not need to meet with us, do not need to explain, do not need to provide a lot of evidence, does not require numerous contracts, also do not need to find a relationship, does not have to loan a year, all kinds of restrictions and fetters are no, is the core of our system and logistics, he does not have the ability to cash, not his business, but the Jingdong can, as long as access to our logistics system, we know the value of money, what time into cash, so we need the money can be the real name of the loan. Wallet system, account system of us, as well as related financial products will continue to launch, the company independent financial group as a wholly owned independent group, property and all existing no association, our Jingdong financial group CEO only to a person I report, the he can not control, so that our financial development independent, but also conducive to more flexible mechanism.

The third blocks of

, is O2O, we use the logistics system, put him into a small frame according to the attribute and nature of O2O, according to our statistical results, we guarantee that any moment, in this case, there is a Jingdong in which any customer, so the lattice any point in time, there is a demand we can do it for 10 minutes and 15 minutes to put something in the past, not every product is the essence of inventory goods, use a large number of traditional stores, manufacturers, agents of the inventory of resources, and

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