Puerile why go in business

"puerile" is the most commonly used traditional China a marketing strategy, but the word is not used in the field of electronic commerce, many times, we over and over again squeeze their profits, but the sales did not have the objective growth, even a lot of business enterprise is because once the crush margins leads to failure.

why small business circle can not bring profits? There are several reasons for this:

first, the electricity supplier to increase the cost of environmental promotion, low profit suppression efforts to promote

and the traditional line of business is different, do business on the network, you can use a lot of promotional tools, electricity providers are also in the fight between the promotion, which led to the promotion of the increasingly high cost. To support these growing high promotion costs, no more profit is unrealistic.

so when we pursue puerile, virtually will let the promotion become more restraint, when promotion efforts began to weaken, on the Internet, you will naturally become less harvest.

two, price transparency, you drop, I drop, we drop

is different from traditional enterprises, the electricity supplier industry price transparency is the whole network, users of the price comparison is more direct and convenient, so when we do price promotion strategy, so the results may bring the whole industry prices decline, eventually you down, I drop you drop scene, so we can not because of the price and sales growth.

three, the electricity supplier environment chaos, cheap goods cited controversy

to sell things online low threshold, so the influx of many unscrupulous businessmen to this industry, which makes the domestic electricity market is very chaotic, which is why now online shopping is already a large wave, but all the people still have concerns of online shopping. In the face of cheap goods, they will have more of a consideration, why the commodity other than cheap? Is not fake? And so on, so when we do the sales, may also lose some customers.

four, per capita consumption levels rise, the brand concept is higher than the price of

now people’s consumption level has risen to a certain level, people also pay attention to the value of the brand, the price factor is lower and lower. So low price strategy for people’s stimulation is not so great, simply rely on low prices to attract users to buy is not enough.

review: price promotion strategy in the domestic business environment, does not necessarily bring good results, puerile, the old industry in terms of business are not necessarily good for. The full text by http://s.aidai.com/ love web submission.

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