Secret micro business story agent really so hot

from the beginning of 2013, it was in the circle of friends in WeChat upload some bags, shoes photos, and marked the price. Then, swept the circle of friends "Ten Beauty Mask" will promote the micro agents of sight. So, a lot of people smell the business opportunities quickly follow, WeChat became the first agent. The "proxy" micro business turned out, WeChat opened a new era of marketing.

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1 small small profit agency was sold, the most reliable Zezheng? "The way is to keep the

agent is the sub level, general agent, an agent, two agents, three agents, and so on.

sweet agent said: "I had to do the time, just try holding the attitude, thinking the worst result is a mask sold, either for yourself or to friends and relatives around, when the human contacts."

a lot of people do when the agency has this mentality, which is why the agent is very willing to unrestricted development of lower level agents, rather than worry about their profits are divided into the main reason. Different levels of agents to get the price of goods is not the same, the lower the level, the higher the price of goods.

white do micro business has been nearly two years, has become a brand mask of the general agent. She said: "our development agency, itself is equivalent to selling something, but not so much profit directly to the customer, but the agent will generally hoard goods, is nothing more than the identity of another consumer, more is more likely to make money, the more is more likely to be forced consumers."

white to reporters just such an account:

"I purchase single box cost price is 50 yuan, I will sell an agent with the price of 60 yuan, sold to the customer told him the price is 298 yuan, but the need to stockpile 10 boxes. An agent to sell all of the mask, is not an easy thing, he will develop two agents, with the price of 80 yuan shipping, they only need to stockpile 7 boxes. In this case, our profit margin is the largest, with the agent level layers forward, when the end of the development of the proxy agent think, profit margins have been very small, he can only do retail. Retail is obviously not a minute to sell, but his goods are not many, the rest will keep with you." White said, "there are a lot of time, some people want to be a superior agent agent, will ask him to buy a part of the goods to experience, in fact for us, this is a disguised sales, but he thought that he was the boss."

so, in the real consumer has not yet appeared, there have been a large number of goods sold out, which for the manufacturers and superior agents, is a happy thing.

2 subordinate agents don’t sell? Brand can change at any time, goods or for soup >

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