Hungry, and so take a number of undocumented unlicensed stores and photos do not match

team managers, usually on the computer with this office.

every day at ten in the morning, before the delivery of all the staff in front of the shops will be opened early, and then started to pick up a single. However, the day after the meeting, the distribution team in 1/3 of the people did not leave, but went to the store, waiting.

every time, on the same computer, another staff in the above operation. To reporters surprised that he actually opened the five hungry what online shop orders client. Are ENJOY, Hello, for a long time when fragrant curry, delicacy, Taipei cure you bang bang. While waiting for delivery staff, also from a small window in the mouth, out of packing boxes, out room.


hungry send a single member: "a person two single, it’s time to go."

reporter opened hungry to find the appropriate site. These five stores registered address is not the same, but it is very vague, five stores have not uploaded the entity shop photos, but the five shops without exception have boarded the convenience of customer search home page. Distribution team leader told reporters that the secret of these five stores.

hungry distribution clerk: he will be five stores, five stores together."

hungry Tongzhou Beiyuan district distribution team leader: five restaurants are out of the restaurant here."

originally in the back of the shop office, there is a room of ten square meters, there are two staff are processing food. All of the takeaway food sold on the five stores came from the tiny kitchen.

five Store Manager: "we one day the number of single, more than and 400 single day, ah, do you think a month ah."

is only two, the day is how to fry a few hundred single different meals? The five online shop in a posted seemingly gorgeous fresh delicacy, how is processed out of the


originally, the shops outside has two big freezer, there is a pre processed frozen food plastic packaging. One meal, the kitchen staff will remove the corresponding varieties from the freezer, and then get back into the kitchen, a large pot of electric water heating. The electric cooker can’t be thawed, put it in the microwave oven. Frozen food to thaw after the opening, then put into the box. After delivery your hungry on the plastic bags, will give customers ordering distribution.

A copy of the

in this shop on the wall with a couple of licenses. The business license, the company name is Shanghai Ze Jie Cci Capital Ltd, business scope has two items related to food, hotel management (except hotel management, in addition to food production and operation), non physical wholesale: pre packaged food (excluding food lo, refrigerated). Next to the food circulation permit, business scope, the same is pre packaged food

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