From the national drug holding online selling drugs to talk about the core of e-commerce

review: Chinese medicine Cmi Holdings Ltd vice president Wu Aimin told the "daily economic news" reporter said: "we plan this year can be B2C this was officially launched, currently has no intention of the agreement, everything is still under discussion. We have a number of companies, including Dangdang, including the field of inquiry and contact. Of course, do not rule out and Dangdang cooperation, which does not rule out our own online B2C channels to do."

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from the Internet recently saw a news about B2C, now with the development and popularization of Internet, more and more enterprises to participate in e-commerce business, whether private or state-owned enterprises, whether it is still in the Department of medicine, bring convenience to our online shopping, but also to bring a lot of small owners some confidence, because of the development of electronic commerce is still in high speed period.

electronic commerce has its unique characteristics, is a collection of reality and the Internet, look at recent years the success of e-commerce sites, almost always have several common characteristics. The following from the logistics warehouse, marketing strategy, promotion and publicity on three aspects to make a simple summary, let us experience the core of e-commerce, but also welcome you to share more exchanges.

logistics warehouse

logistics warehouse is one of the most important factors. In the case of WAL-MART, the price he can do is the national minimum benefit and perfect logistics storage and transportation system, the time cost is greatly reduced, the time cost driven space cost, ultimately affect the price cost. In contrast, the domestic Jingdong 360 mall, where customers, Dangdang these B2C giants, not to finance most of the money into the building and enhance the ability of logistics warehouse, some people say that B2C is hard to spell the end of logistics and warehouse, I think there is a certain truth.

marketing strategy

mentioned these e-commerce companies, there is a key to mention. That’s marketing strategy. In ads, many of which are accurate, advertising alliance from the previous CPC to CPS later, from full to Maijiu, from low sales led to the traffic flow to swap from topic to group purchase to auction, these will undoubtedly not effective marketing tools, use these electronic B2C the company’s top business. As individuals, we can learn from there are too many.


marketing strategy has been good enough to pave the way, then the last part of the poor: promotion. Look at the domestic well-known portal site, almost on the home page and channel page, the inside pages are even several of these B2C shadow, whether consultation or video, either movie or music, B2C promotion shadow everywhere, in some big city, these giants have made real advertising, such as the station, bus stop. This is the common e-commerce promotion, advertising effect no longer.

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