Chen Hu respond to music Amoy new financing collar investment is not finalized financing or 1 months

speed transit network December 21st news today, media reports said that the domestic footwear site Amoy music will start a new round of large-scale financing, the amount of financing or over 200 million yuan. More industry voice said that after the completion of the financing, music Amoy network is likely to set off a price war in the footwear market.

Chen Hu, vice president of

music Amoy network in conjunction with the speed transit network, said after the tiger fund investment, there has been constant venture and music to keep contact. As for the financing of investors, said Chen tiger, Tiger Fund and Germany should continue with the capital investment. The lead cast who eventually fall, Chen said that the music Amoy financing by CEO Bi Sheng to negotiate, finalized Bi Sheng will be informed in detail.

media reports have said that the industry believes that after the music Amoy financing will be like Jingdong 2006 – 31 million U.S. dollars in financing as a result of the use of the industry’s own advantages set off a price war in 2008. This tiger Chen stressed that the competition will be fierce, but whether to "bloody battle" is not clear, the music Amoy, keep goods cheap authentic will be consistent attitude. Chen Hu think, do not buy cheap goods, talk about the market share of no significance.

on the news that the scale of financing over 200 million yuan, Chen Hu said, in accordance with the practice of financing, after several rounds of financing should be the price". When it comes to the completion of the new round of financing, Chen tiger is expected, according to the total style and speed in the past, almost 1 months time." (Hu Jie)

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