By selling products on SEO million a month experience

SEO said the biggest way is to give yourself SEO and give up the garbage station, I talk about how I do a monthly income of ten thousand, (believeitornot).

When the

at the beginning of 09, I began to search for products by optimizing their online selling, at first I find Alibaba and then go to GG, click to see how much there is promotion fee (the more the better description of the product after earn) and find a good product, find a local Yellow Pages, to see if there is no such production enterprises the results for a period of time, the search, I confirmed the product. Tensile testing machine, we can go to the GG advertising push wide search click on how much is the cost, after the site optimization, the natural ranking of the first is my website. Then I found manufacturers, I found that their products are the profits, the final profit to me thirty percent to 40, under normal circumstances, these two kinds of products on the Internet are sold only 10000 I will sell about 8000, business is not good to blame.

now customers continue to find me, the turnover rate is not high, the product is mainly for the lack of professional knowledge, the customer is very difficult to accept, but my cheap ah! Ha ha, the biggest business, once sold 3 universal testing machine, earned more than 10 thousand.

of course I have to do the other platform, just can’t bring Claudia to burst out, so do not say! I said is actually more thinking skills, we need to find out her own money, SEOER is quite simple, I wasn’t talking, I find that I do every thing to make money, so I think SEOER.

is very simple to make money

write articles I have no level, we do not lose eggs. These are some of my experience to share, I hope everyone can support, let me have more confidence next time, write some people let the eyes out of the article out of the haha ~

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