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[Abstract] KPMG statistics show that India e-commerce market to 2020 total sales is expected to reach $36 billion 700 million.


Tencent Francisco April 5th message, belonging to the India, the largest producer of plastic Xincheng Industrial (Reliance Industries Ltd.)’s reliance retail companies (Reliance Retail Ltd) Company in the local time on Saturday said the company plans to launch a new fast fashion and lifestyle of e-commerce business.

is reported that reliance retail companies by India energy tycoon, India’s richest man Mukesh – (Mukesh) control, and on Friday announced the establishment of the Ambani. But just a day later, the retail companies announced through its website ajio.com to enter the local market is very competitive e-commerce. After entering this market, reliance retail companies will compete directly with Amazon, India online fashion shopping mall Myntra these platforms.

ajio.com, chief executive of Sanjie – Mehari (Sanjay Mehra) ajio.com refused to disclose how many India city plans to launch this business. But in another interview with the Reuters, Mehari said the company’s goal is to allow ajio.com in the next two months with the ability to deliver goods to more than 15 thousand India address code.

needs to point out that the number of address codes currently used in India is 40 thousand. Therefore, in simple terms, we can be called "address code" as other countries postal address.

According to KPMG

(KPMG) statistics show that in November last year, the data presented, India e-commerce market to total sales in 2020 is expected to reach $36 billion 700 million, so the huge potential of this market has attracted many India local and multinational global vision. For example, whether Alibaba, Amazon and other multinational giants, or Flipkart and Snapdeal and other local companies, they will be regarded as the world’s next major e-commerce market in India battlefield.

and for most Indians, e-commerce is sometimes not a candidate shopping channel, but their only choice. Because of the United States and supermarkets everywhere, India’s physical retailers are scarce. While Alibaba and Jingdong, such as China’s electricity supplier to build a nationwide distribution network, India’s e-commerce market is still relatively fragmented.


, UBS Securities India research director Chalk Harry A (Gautam Chhaochharia) – Gautam said: "science and technology can be logistics and payment services connect with the online shopping, India is a very suitable for the development of e-commerce market, and.

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