Double eleven not fired, Ali and Jingdong first hit a trademark battle

tiger sniffing note: there are more than and 10 days, "double eleven" came to the past, electricity providers, express little brother, cut the hand of the party who is the festival of the protagonist, who wanted to participate in the shopping Carnival square is not carnival, its trademark and related lawyers are advance into play.

at the trademark of deadly weapons

has no intention to see Jingdong received a lawyer’s letter Ali had to give up the double eleven promotion news search entrance through several Trademark Office website, found Ali not only in early 2011 to Alibaba collective Holdings Limited in the name of the thirty-fifth categories of applications and in December 2012 10136470th, "double eleven" trademark, and in thirty-fifth, 38, 41 other related categories on the application and registration of "double eleven" and "double eleven" Carnival and a series of defensive trademark, the trademark registration to protect eleven double tight. It seems very good in Ali to build two before eleven advance brand protection network effectively, and in the Jingdong showdown in addition to win war weapons trademark battle weapon. It is often seen. mark in Commerce final case.

grand game had found another online company launched large-scale people named "legend" game the most classic national war scene Shabak battle online "Shabak", because the grand early registered trademark Shabak quickly, forcing the opponent to abandon the use of Shabak’s name and modify the game design. Ignore the trademark ruthless fall case also Pepsi Cola in Chinese meet the eye everywhere, launched the "Blue Storm" large brand publicity is because of a small company and Zhejiang earlier registered trademark blue storm crash, after the first and second rounds of intense action was the final infringement and compensation 3 million. Hyundai is injected in China due to trademark exclusive right of trademark value at the expense of only tens of millions of Chinese successfully enter the market.

double eleven trademark can hit

is a trademark of goods and services according to different categories of registration and protection. The most lethal Ali in a number of registered trademark is registered in thirty-fifth in class 10136470th, "double eleven" trademark, including the display of goods for a specified category of retail purpose on communication media (3501), (3501), commercial advertising information (3502), business management assistant (3502), providing business information and advice for consumers (consumer advice agencies (3502), commercial or advertising Fair (3502) and others (3503), selling computer database information classification (3506), (3507), accounting for support (3508). Although the Trademark Law of the thirty-fifth types of services can be fully covered by commercial retail services have some controversy, but not enough to impede the registration of trademark rights Ali advocated to Jingdong. At the same time, although the Jingdong’s B2C business and Ali in the thirty-fifth types of the specified class is not exactly the same, but the import electricity supplier and the third party platform from the user point of view there is not much real difference, and the protection of trademark rights is to cover similar goods.

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