Baidu have ah VS YAHOO no ah

according to sources, Baidu online trading platform has been named as the "ah", and has registered the domain name earlier Baidu has invited million seller in the new platform internal test. It is believed that Baidu is about to announce officially launched a new platform for network transaction. Baidu e-commerce division is responsible for this rumor will not buy.

according to a long-term interest in the domain name registration sources said, Baidu investment platform respectively in September 24th, October 7th launched two times on the platform and the domain name speculation vote, "ah" in the name of the first round of voting did not appear to increase the list of candidate but vote in October 7th, and the day of the query name of the corresponding domain name, found in a poll of "ah" youa.Com,.Cn,,, etc.. China domain have made a protective registration, even some of the popular.Mobi,.Cc,.Hk,.Biz and.

are not spared"The domain name

baiduyoua.Com, the surrounding similar.Cn,, domain name has been registered, and the registration time is October." the person that it is like the Baidu Internet trading platform released no protective measures before, a similar treatment basically is a common practice of Internet Co.

in addition, the Baidu platform registered account youa, ah, ah, there is a word and so on, the system will prompt this user name can not be used to prohibit the use of.


electronic commerce department responsible for this no comment, but said: "the 10000 merchants online Baidu online trading platform is in progress, I believe will soon announce the details of the new platform."

in addition, I found that the meiyouya.Com are also registered yesterday and today, where the Email information in the Whois seems to imply that the domain name belongs to yahoo. Of course, this is my personal obscenity.


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