Network of rivers and lakes thirty-six first issued by the Centaur eBay


weiweijiuzhaoPart of the

attack against the enemy forces, as part of the masculine part of scattered forces attack enemy, attack the enemy as part of weak. The idea here is to attack the enemy forces empty, but it is the heart of "Wei", in order to rescue the enemy troops laid siege, but not essential in terms of the enemy "zhao".


meter and the ancient thirty-six meter weiweijiuzhao basic similarity.

in 354 BC, Wei attacked the capital of Handan. Zhao Qi to help. The Tian Ji for Sun Bin, for you.

Tian Ji Zhao Guojiu Handan to stop intention, Bin said: "the solution can’t floss rope, fist to beat, resolve the fight, can not participate in the fight. To quell the dispute to seize the key, to take power, because the two sides are restricted to separate natural. Now the Wei troops poured out, if I attack wei. It will then return to rescue Wei, the siege of Handan will be self. We then to ambush the Wei army lost its way."

Tian Ji goes by.

really, Wei left Handan to save, and return in ambush and Junzhan in Guiling Qi Wei, his soldiers long weary, utterly routed. Qi Shi victory, Zhao Guozhi Wai was the solution.


first issued by the Centaur cloud strike eBay

2005, C2C industry, the world’s largest eBay and Hongkong global resources to form a strategic alliance, which is a government background of B2B company. This means that, eBay ran to the door to the Chinese B2B eldest Alibaba officially declared war. It will be a good game.

before this, there have been two similar. Amazon to Chinese to acquire excellence, Dangdang to rally; YAHOO acquisition of 3721, with Baidu and NetEase group. The theme of the story, nothing more than two. First, the acquisition of the company hit the local rivals, which is behind the cold business logic. Second, between the founder and master of foreign wood louse dislike each other, some wood louse would not resist, leave some wood louse to resist One finished, all is finished.; to struggle, finally ended in farce. Excellent vintage and this is Zhou Hongyi 3721. It contained a warm human nature, belongs to the arena scores, interesting.

, however, eBay and Ma this is more exciting. EBay had just allied, Ma foot shot, Whitman said: "this game I expected." Since it is expected, so ready. The meaning of Ma Yun, in fact this one on one, two years earlier, had been in another place, another way to practice.

The first two

show or the local war, the first did not affect the global competition, second did not change the industry business layout. However, these third games, which are about to begin, will change all at the same time in five years

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