Taobao push partners plan to sign the first more than and 20 service providers

December 1st morning news, Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district today officially launched the "Taobao partner (Taobao Partner) plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Taobao TP"), the first group gathered in Amoy platform more than and 20 Amoy is produced.

This is following the June 2009

Taobao open platform release, and strategic initiatives launched by Taobao, launched the Taobao partner program will become the "second step commercial layout Taobao strategy".

it is understood that Taobao through the Taobao Partner Program ", will bring together a large number of e-commerce outsourcing suppliers, in all aspects of IT, channels, services, marketing, logistics and other e-commerce ecosystem, Taobao sellers and enterprises to provide personalized products, personalized service, so as to ensure the healthy operation of the whole field of electronic commerce and faster development.

officially launched the Taobao partner program, Taobao made a series of new support for partners, Taobao will get more service providers in all aspects, and these services in technology, market, sales are more extensive, more in-depth cooperation.


joined the Taobao partner program of outsourcing service provider was officially named amoy. And through the Amoy platform ( as a partner for the show, direct docking with Taobao business.

Taobao CFO and Taobao mall responsible person Zhang Yong said: the future of these partners, if there are several listed companies, we will not be surprised."

he believes that the reason why there are so many traditional service providers exist, the fundamental principle is to reduce the cost of industrial chain through external cooperation. In the e-commerce industry chain also follow this principle. "Taobao provides third party platform as an example, if an enterprise wants to build e-commerce site independent, light development and construction sites need a few months, at the same time also includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs, not to mention the development of trading process, and not only for enterprises to solve the electronic Commerce on these issues, but also bring plenty of traffic."

Zhang Yong said, "we hope that Taobao partners to grow together with the seller, the two are complementary, the future if these partners have several listed companies, we wouldn’t be surprised."

Taobao partner program means that the big Taobao strategy has moved from technology to business level. Following the Taobao open platform Taobao second key layout.

we are more inclined to do the whole of the electronic commerce enterprise’s water, electricity, coal infrastructure." Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group explained the big Taobao strategy: "we believe that after ten years the vast majority of companies will become e-commerce companies, we should provide all the

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