China’s domain name market will reach 720 million domain name investment hot

      according to the latest research report of iResearch market shows that 06 years Chinese domain market size of 410 million, is expected in the next 3 years China domain name market will show a rapid growth trend, will maintain a growth rate of around 32%, China domain name market will further expand the scale of the future, is expected to 2008 Chinese the domain name market can reach 720 million yuan. The huge market has attracted the attention of the Internet industry, but also brought a strong investment in the domain name economy.

      domain name investment is not a new investment project, as early as the beginning of the domain name was involved in active investment. Because the domain name is the network number, and the same trademark has uniqueness, generally follow the "first note first", and does not require complicated procedures, so the investors very favorite investment projects. China’s Internet started late, but developed rapidly in recent years, the domain name investment trading market is very popular in china. There are many speculators, "rice farming occupation".

      investment domain name is used to see the infinite potential value of the domain name, more time for the transfer of transactions. In fact, the domain name transaction price 200 thousand yuan; examples be too numerous to enumerate, $200 thousand on, B2B.CN, several million yuan to the transfer; more eye popping is worth over 300 million Fiery domain name trading market spawned a large number of domain names sellers and buyers, but also spawned a professional domain name trading platform.

      a formal platform for the operation of the domain name specification, professional services, can provide domain name transfer, transfer registrar and other supporting services, can greatly facilitate the domain name investors and buyers. The current domain name investment domestic trading site a lot, but mainly concentrated in a few good reputation, large scale website, which is the era of the Internet’s better known under the name space. It is understood that the "time and space charge a fee of 10%, 30 yuan, a relatively wide coverage range of customers, in the early rice farmers, of course more is the long-term investment of large and medium-sized customers.

      according to the "space charge, domain name investment market China gradually mature, constantly improve the trading platform. "Space can be supplied from the query, registration, purchase one-stop service to the transfer of the end, and now also launched a registered membership of CN domain activities. Good reputation and perfect function, so in the space-time volume grow with each passing day ", every day more than 100, especially recently, domain name investment market hot, the rapid development of space", registered volume has increased significantly.

      experts say that China’s domain name economy market is huge

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