The new wave clear online shopping regret right business will accelerate the differentiation

new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "new law") is implemented, or will accelerate the domestic small and medium business death. In January 1st this year, the Jingdong said the first mall will pilot the "new wave". And the revised bill last October will be formally implemented in March 15th this year. The "new wave" in the concept of "online shopping regret right" has a more specific definition, in addition to digital goods, perishable and periodical subscriptions and other special category, consumers have the right to online shopping behavior, since the date of receipt of the goods within 7 days no reason to return. Before that, the right to return explain mainly by the online shopping platform, part of the electricity supplier and even take some means to improve the threshold return, thus affecting the user experience of online shopping.

more than insiders on the "First Financial Daily" said, "the implementation of the new consumer law" to increase the electricity supplier operating costs to a certain extent, it will make the life more difficult for the small and medium business constantly on the run.

return from the blind expansion of

December 2013, Nie Linhai, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce in the second session of the China electronic commerce annual meeting, 2013, the size of the domestic electronic commerce transaction is expected to exceed 10 trillion of the total retail sales of online shopping is expected to exceed 1 trillion and 800 billion. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, from 2006 to 2012, the average annual growth rate of domestic retail network of nearly 99%.

But behind the rapid growth of

, is also accompanied by a business platform for online shopping service consumers are uneven in quality, "single easy return to affect the healthy development of the electricity market. An online shopping users told reporters that over the past three years, the major electricity supplier promotional war more and more, the user orders are also more and more easy, but the return of the threshold is also getting higher and higher.

some electricity suppliers in the return policy to take a different limit measures. According to the reporter, shop No. 1 specified in the user agreement on the same user a single purchase more than 2 pieces of the same goods, no longer enjoy no reason to return. And more electricity supplier to everyone electricity, mobile phones and other digital categories also take no reason to return to the provisions of the ban.

electricity supplier analysts Li Chengdong believes that return difficult behind the refraction of the domestic electricity supplier, the great leap forward impetuous style. Major electricity suppliers are desperately "holiday", but rarely consider the order after the production of service capacity, resulting in more orders, the more return, operating costs in the "malignant tumor", then think of ways to raise various return threshold conditions, but in such a way that their reputation will become very poor. An electricity supplier practitioners told reporters that the average return of goods during the business promotion rate is 3 times that of other periods.

also has the view that the return is difficult to be forced by the domestic electricity supplier simple brute force competition products. Each in the fight price, fight scale, grab financing, but rarely consider the health of their service capabilities and platforms, thereby raising the threshold to reduce costs by raising returns.

accelerate electricity supplier polarization

January 1st, Beijing

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