Mimiller fresh electricity supplier breakout war, users have to get the world

recently, rice miller mall pushing fresh products, buy fresh, Friday free "online activities like a raging fire, rice miller Chairman Mr. Liu Wentai also said that the public will probably become the fresh electricity supplier second meters music star products, we strive to do better". In view of this, the siege of rice also joined the fresh electricity supplier in the mirror.

fresh electricity supplier ushered in the era of 2

as early as 2005, there are businesses began to explore fresh electricity supplier, but at that time most of the fresh electricity supplier is simply a copy of the traditional electricity supplier business model, so did not survive too long.

2012, fresh electricity again is the business of mining, SF, Alibaba, Jingdong and other large electricity providers began to test the water fresh electricity market. At the same time, the central document to policies on fresh electricity supplier: "the development of agricultural e-commerce transactions" and "strengthening the agricultural e-commerce platform" and "support providers, logistics enterprises to participate in agricultural e-commerce platform" etc.. On the one hand, all the businesses have entered the fresh electricity supplier industry, on the other hand is a favorable policy, fresh electricity supplier into the 2 era.

however, fresh electricity supplier development was not in accordance with the development of the electricity supplier routine clothing, books, digital and other conventional products as smoothly, gives birth to many large fresh electricity supplier.

fresh electricity providers do not look good

fresh may be divided into two camps, SF, Jingdong have their own logistics system, can provide the conditions for the improvement of cold chain logistics of fresh product distribution logistics enterprises as the first class; while compared with logistics enterprises, business platform has a large number of users, and are good at online marketing, to the Alibaba, for example one shop business platform into second categories.

however, whether has the logistics advantage of logistics enterprises or users with advantages of electronic business platform, operation of fresh electricity providers are not too optimistic, according to the relevant data show that the current domestic electricity supplier of agricultural products is only 1% to 7% profit, huge losses, 88% losses, 4% flat.

at present, do fresh electricity supplier companies are basically faced with three common problems: supply, distribution, after-sales. Fresh electricity operation involves many aspects, including upstream, downstream products quality, distribution, user experience, any link problems will produce adverse effects, but the status quo is a part of any have different degrees of difficulty.

for a fresh supply of electricity supplier selection, the business view, select local fruits and vegetables, low cost, but because of the logistics cost, the preservation of electronic business platform operation cost is higher, so this kind of product and offline stores compared to similar products, which lack of price advantage; choose the import of high-end products, but after all the high-end products online customer base is very scarce, not enough to support the fresh business enterprise long-term survival.

in the process of distribution of high failure rate has been the problem of fresh electricity supplier, although SF, >

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