Micro business, the last one to help grass

has been concerned about the micro business, for online analysis of the micro business point of view is still quite agree with, such as the current micro business sales and profit model analysis. From the analytic hierarchy agent, the interests of layers of deprivation, to unsecured transactions and customer service rights issues, or even directly on the title of "exposing people taking micro shiver all over though not cold marketing", and micro business future development in a way where? "

There is no definition of

derivative in a strict sense, it is not a simple circle of friends sellers, personally think that the derivative should be the new business model of WeChat mobile ecological and social development is based on, is divided into two parts: micro WeChat public number based on B2C become the derivative, the circle of friends shop a derivative based on C2C. And Taobao, like Tmall platform (B2C micro business) also has Taobao market (C2C micro business). The difference is based on the ability of WeChat micro connect everything, the realization of social sharing of goods, acquaintances and friends circle show.

micro business is the biggest advantage of precipitation users, to achieve a complete dispersion of online and offline traffic aggregation. In fact, the origin of WeChat is a social rather than a marketing tool, which determines the micro providers more accurately than traditional electricity providers to find the user base and interconnected large data, thereby significantly enhance the number of business services and orders.

for businesses, the micro business is to center of the electricity supplier form. Taobao is a product of the era of PC, most of the traditional retail enterprises in Taobao basically do not make money, but also how to solve the problem of precipitation users. On the one hand, whether B or C shop store, bring order for the business user belongs to the Taobao platform, not all businesses; on the other hand, the main users through the search to complete the order, businesses are lack of direct communication with the user channels, to understand the real needs of users.

The benefits of

micro business model is the largest of the N channel customer contact all together to form a large database of their own enterprises, so as to realize the personalized recommendation, precision marketing. WeChat is an excellent customer management platform, the channel customers can achieve convergence in smoothly channel mode, directly to eliminate all obstacles in the middle, the number of public businesses and consumers can establish direct contact ability, such as business service number and micro shop integrated, subscription number embedded in the lightweight "the form master" commodity form disguised achieve single payment, and adding products online feedback form, from the powder, to order transformation, to achieve sales of the online user feedback, at the same time, also can complete the collection and management of customer information.

simple sellers circle of friends in quality, product category selection, logistics, and other rights is almost zero, filled with a large number of illegal violence three products. This group of people just by the early circle of friends in the development of a popular dividend over C2C, to the end of the development will eventually face a reshuffle. They use the circle of friends to join the first wave of dividends to get rich quickly, due to the fission effect of this agent distribution and low threshold, zero cost of viral marketing, micro business in the circle of friends, such as mushrooming

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