5 to help buy the interpretation of the 618 the price war like Aphrodisiac outbreak is not lasting

With the Baidu

index fell 200 thousand points in June 22nd the Jingdong store, which triggered by the "618 Jingdong 10 anniversary" of the electricity supplier price war ended. In fact, the price war in early June 19th had started to appear, according to the third party comparison shopping software to help 5 Amoy (t.b5m.com) shows the flow statistics, 19 through 5 to help wash the appliance’s traffic compared to 18, has fallen sharply, the persistent price war of 815 compared to last year’s price war a lot of difference.

in fact, the significance of this price war alone, the home appliance business is still quite fruitful. Through the Alexa data rankings can be seen, in addition to Tmall mall, large electricity providers are the price war by the enhancement of the comprehensive ranking on Alexa, especially Jingdong mall and Amazon became the only in 17 and 19, the price war climax during the comprehensive ranking of the website, it is "fame and fortune". Tmall mall is also doing well, can sit firmly Diaoyutai to maintain constant flow of electricity supplier in the melee, which shows its dominance in the field of domestic electricity supplier.

, however, behind the gratifying achievements, but also can not face the cruel reality. Electricity supplier price war in the influence of the annual decline. From the Baidu index changes mainly in the electricity supplier is not difficult to see, the electricity supplier website user attention in only Jingdong in the anniversary day, 19 days from the date of the electricity supplier website users concerned about the unity of a sharp decline. Enough to see the price war sales gimmick is not enough to attract users to visit, but can not play a role in improving user stickiness.

last year, the electricity supplier price war as a medicine, breaking the original pattern of the electricity supplier market attention; now the electricity supplier price war is more like a dose of "Aphrodisiac", after having a brief burst of ecstasy, again also did not see who persevere. With the Chinese electricity market continues to mature, Chinese on the price of electricity supplier is no longer sensitive, the electricity supplier frequent price war also strengthened the rational users shopping concept, coupled with the parity software launch, commodity prices more transparent.

it seems that the electricity supplier to open up the market really to the time to change the idea.

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