Step by step electric commodity city intends to build a B2R project

every reporter Sun Jiaxia from Zhejiang,,

business step by step, commodity city 600415, SH) is seeking to make a change. "Our analysis, such as community shops, convenience stores, a couple of small supermarket sales mode is still the future trend and direction, and these places to sell products, mostly from level two, or even three wholesalers, the cost is relatively high." Commodity City chairman Jin Fangping in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said.

, which launched an aspiring plan, this is named B2R (Business-to-Retailer, business to retail network) project, through the establishment of a "small commodity city, behind attracted more than 70 thousand physical shops manufacturer stationed by the retailer’s project plan and production enterprise through the network docking demand. Then by the small commodity city in the country to set up a warehouse center shipments, in order to create a direct docking channel between manufacturers and retailers to shorten the circulation of goods.

this is similar to the Alibaba group led the formation of China’s intelligent logistics backbone network (CSN). But the small commodity city B2R project leader Wang Jianjun does not think there is competition with CSN, "Ma snatch retailers space, and we go is the integration of online and offline Road, and retailers are allied".

commodity city electricity supplier road

Although the 2012

Yiwu small commodity wholesale market turnover exceeded 58 billion yuan, 22 consecutive years ranked the top spot in the professional market, but from 2009 to 2012, revenues were 3 billion 763 million yuan, 3 billion 170 million yuan, 3 billion 396 million yuan, 3 billion 612 million yuan; net profit was 916 million yuan, 809 million yuan, 646 million yuan, 707 million yuan, not too big pick up. In contrast, Tmall mall turnover in 2012 has exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

commodity city to create a "Yiwu purchase". The company said in the announcement, the "Yiwu purchase" to build a service in the real market, in good faith as the fundamental line of correspondence, financial information, credit guarantee, payment, logistics and distribution as one of the professional B2B e-commerce platform is the development strategy of electronic commerce.

‘buy Yiwu’ now has reached about 1000000 of the daily volume, which is mainly for the wholesale market is quite good." Wang Jianjun said.

Commodity City, the next step is to construct a relying on the "Yiwu purchase" platform, web channels with information network as the main means, provide channel solutions for B2R project market.

Commodity City chairman Jin Fangping said the electricity supplier is the trend of the road, will unswervingly go on.

four to test the water B2R

this time, commodity city is ready to move wholesalers

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