Double 11 before the electricity supplier legislative research started clarify the relationship with

[Abstract] the next step is to clarify the relationship between e-commerce and express, clear responsibilities, rights and interests, and promote the coordinated development.

"double eleven" is approaching, behind the electricity supplier Carnival has hidden worries, such as the express industry in the next few days will be under great pressure. Which exposed the goods such as the delay, the wrong goods or lost goods and other issues, but also makes the electricity supplier legislation is particularly important.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, at the end of October, the deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, the National People’s Congress Research Office of electronic commerce law drafting group Shi Yuzhi and deputy head of the State Post Bureau of policy and regulation department who went to Shanghai to carry out electronic commerce legislation research.

reporter noted that the research has listened to the postal administration, courier companies and experts on e-commerce and express industry collaborative development of the views and recommendations, a broad understanding of the legislative needs.

Shi Yuzhi said that the next step in the relationship between the electronic commerce legislation to clarify the e-commerce and express, clear responsibility, right and benefit, in order to better express support play a key role in the development of electronic commerce, to promote collaborative development.

express business challenges

the "Electronic Commerce Act" the legislative drafting group designated "schedule", since the end of December 2013 and the drafting group was established to December 2014, carry out special investigation and research and complete the research report, the formation of the legislative framework; January 2015 ~2016 year in June to carry out and complete the drafting of the draft law.

it can be seen that the investigation within the planned time, within the specified time to complete the drafting of the draft law can be expected. According to Shi Yuzhi revealed that the recent NPC Financial and Economic Committee will be invited to the drafting of the drafting of e-commerce legislation and the Legislative Council member units to submit proposals, the State Post Bureau will actively participate.

in the survey, in addition to the relevant responsible person held a forum to listen to the postal administrative departments, enterprises and experts to express collaborative e-commerce and express industry development advice and suggestions, also visited the Yangpu branch and Shanghai Shentong express pass corporate headquarters. A wide range of understanding of the legislative needs, on the impact and constraints of the courier industry to support the development of e-commerce issues in-depth discussion.

in the research, the demand for legislation for the courier company is also very urgent. Express is an important part of e-commerce industry chain, e-commerce transactions cannot do without the express support, should clearly express relationship with electronic commerce in electronic commerce law, through legislation to lead and standardize the e-commerce and express industry collaborative development, better play a key role in supporting the development of e-commerce express." Express companies as above.

express business, said the annual sales season is mostly concentrated in a few days, the company’s ability to operate a huge challenge to express.

companies worry is not unreasonable, according to the State Post Bureau expects this year, double eleven during the entire industry to deal with the mail (express) business volume will exceed 510 million

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