Who is the master of rural electricity supplier

rural electricity supplier development speed beyond imagination. Premier Li Keqiang in 2015 government report, clearly put forward the "Internet plus" Agricultural Internet industry plan, Dongfeng has come. With the in-depth development of the market economy, more and more excellent talents to choose rural employment, this group of people are familiar with online shopping and mobile Internet, behoove become the rural electricity supplier practitioner. Compared with the city impulse consumption habits, rural users tend to be more rational, very sensitive to commodity prices, especially for logistics and after-sale protection.

we are already familiar with the electricity supplier giant layout of the rural market. Jingdong by virtue of the advantages of self logistics, using the rural promotion mode and whitewashing propaganda, so down to earth style Jingdong of countryside; village Amoy mode is the establishment of service centers in the country, to meet the rural users online purchase demand, and is also responsible for rural village Amoy webmaster specialty goods online sale.

giants performance seems to be the business direction of the countryside, what what method is the most suitable China rural conditions? China an agricultural country like this in the end how to cut into Internet plus a wave of

become a pioneer?

makes the giant fear of blue ocean

, according to Sina Finance reported on December 30, 2014, the composition of China’s agricultural market mainly for seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. Haitong Securities Research Report shows that the three kinds of agricultural products in the three major crops in the cost occupy absolute proportion (55%). Seed, hybrid rice and corn seed market continues to expand the scale, market capacity in 2015 is expected to reach 18 billion 500 million yuan and 27 billion 600 million yuan, wheat seed market capacity of 13 billion 500 million yuan; conversion, using the stable increasing of pesticides and fertilizers, the pesticide market capacity of about 50 billion yuan, the fertilizer market capacity of about 100 billion yuan, a simple calculation. These three kinds of agricultural products in the market capacity of nearly 200 billion yuan.

hunger breeds discontentment, agricultural production is the basic guarantee of the agricultural harvest. Data show that 30% of the income of farmers will devote to the education of their children, 23% to buy agricultural investment, it is self-evident importance in the economy in the rural agricultural electricity supplier. Agricultural market capacity is coveted, but because of the level of sales channels, Rongfan market, great resistance and high costs of logistics factors so that the electricity supplier giant at a distance.

Internet plus agriculture

in 2015, agricultural electricity providers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like into view. Some of the agricultural platform to a certain extent, to break the traditional agricultural wholesale distribution pattern, has a certain price advantage, but the lowest price is only likely to come from the flat sales channels, the establishment of agricultural business platform is only part of the county level service station, the model does not have a revolutionary, the township and village channel there are still increase links. Relatively speaking, beans net "platform + wisdom agricultural service station + farmers" mode of operation, relying on the powerful advantages of self logistics, establish a direct wisdom agricultural service station at the village level, direct services to farmers, not only solve the countryside.

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