NetEase koala eleven set their own rules of the two weapons are what

September 23rd news, although there are nearly two months away from double the time of the eleven, but around its preparatory station has started. Billion state power network that NetEase koala sea purchase recently held a double eleven investment conference, to prepare for the double eleven.

in the NetEase koala investment will be the supplier that the NetEase will hit double eleven koalas live video and a list of economic two cards, this confirms the NetEase in March this year, the koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei proposed in 2016 Strategy Conference "to live operators and list the economy as the main strategy in 2016".

It is reported that the NetEase

, koala sea purchase live double eleven will be involved in all aspects of product traceability, life skills; the list includes economic origin list, list and list one platform, many third party platform, celebrities and opinion leaders will join them.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the koala has NetEase will broadcast concept of operation was introduced into Europe, Australia, Japan and other global direct mining activities. Not long ago, when the iPhone7 sale, NetEase CEO Ding Lei also opened a live show, attracted a large number of users came to onlookers.

list, NetEase has reached @cosme, koala cooperation and Japan Lotte, will be the origin of the goods into the domestic consumption list.

NetEase koala purchase relevant responsible person said, hoping to expand the concept of life through the import of eleven pairs of imported goods to consumers. "In the past, we bought eleven pairs of goods is mainly cheaper, but now consumers in the consumer upgrade, but also want to use some of the better quality of overseas goods to change the quality of life."

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