Eleven for the double shoe business, upgrade detailed gameplay


in the business access, the basic rule is based on 4 drill seller registration requirements, but for some special sellers would be appropriate to reduce the access conditions.

the new year "new discovery" venue, peripheral businesses can race through fair system, to win the men’s and women’s shoes shop PK rushed into the venue.

– this year instead of a explosion of the world take double play, eleven, twelve and sale can not be the same with the money can not participate in the various inventory; activity at the same time.


recommended footwear businesses in September 21st before the completion of the registration process, don’t wait until the last day.


class this year’s wireless turnover ratio has reached more than 70%, the proposed wireless interface of the PC side of the shop decoration and distinction.



network operators in the world by Xu LuSeptember 15th –

, preparing for the overture with taobao.com investment rules after the introduction of major categories of played, the venue also unveiled on the purpose of investment rules, new ways and double promotion activities in 2015. Last year, the venue in eleven double shoe activities in twelve achieved very good results, this year in the sort page venue will be second only to men and women.

businessmen as well as the main venue of the rules and play at the same time, also need to understand the industry category of the venue and this new venue features subtle rules which made the adjustment. So, businesses need to pay attention to what the specific strategic challenge double promotion? Fine adjustment and industry venue will be reflected in what place?

footwear responsible person through the network operators in the world "" Bei honey, on the shoe venue rules and play the depth of interpretation.

rules to fine tune the new play that is a new opportunity

this year, the footwear branch of the game will follow the overall market play forward, this year, the richness of footwear in the seller and the category will continue to be reflected in the double promotion:

one is the richness of the seller dimension. Compared with last year, although the Amoy brand sellers will be this year’s main activities of sellers, but this year added a number of international brands in the world power line brand sellers (such as BELLE official outlets), China quality factory sellers will become a new force in the venue. At the same time this year, the periphery of the business also have the opportunity to participate more in the venue, TOP peripheral businesses will be able to qualify for the show to the footwear branch field.

two is the richness of the category. After last year’s training, will continue to combine fashion elements of the new year, and Taobao’s unique niche category to showcase investment, like shoes, shoes, boots and other plush parents sub category, reflect the richness of Taobao products.

in the business access, the basic rule is based on 4 drill seller registration requirements, but for some special sellers would be appropriate to reduce the access conditions, such as special venue sellers, offline brand Zhiyingdian sellers, sellers China quality made specific recommendations, refer to the official post investment. (>

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