A scouring the United States two new war electricity supplier price war fears become normal

despite this year’s second round of price war Jingdong mall has not really shot, but competitors have long been eager to seize this vacuum period". After Tmall, suning.com and coo8 have to respond, even in jail in the United States (micro-blog) former head of Wong Kwong Yu has issued "instructions" requirements had been low-key "thorough reshuffle Gome electricity supplier".

however, due to the distance on a price war time too close, and the price war for consumers are no longer fresh, wait for more cheap mentality, let this round of price war effect doubt.

two new battle

hair is about to set off a more fierce price war, micro-blog, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) went to the seaside resort. But he that "specific measures to launch by the end of this month let competitors excited. Because 10 days is enough to change a lot of things, such as seize the more aggressive version of the price war.

has been in the field of electricity providers more quiet Gome (micro-blog) online mall, yesterday announced the launch of a sudden, 7· 18-7· 28 witness price coordinates activities to join the melee. Gome online mall general manager Han Depeng said the release of rhetoric, the so-called "price war after, not the real price war".

In addition to the

business platform, attached to the electricity supplier industry prices, rebates and payment companies have begun to respond. Yesterday, a scouring network announced that it would take 250 million yuan of subsidies, price match consumer behavior. According to reports, 150 million yuan in subsidies for the user through a comparison shopping after the Amoy rebate subsidies. Another 100 million yuan is the user can receive free of charge during the electricity supplier price war Alipay red preferential.

"encirclement and suppression" become the norm

although the electricity supplier counterparts did not blame the Jingdong but in the mall, Liu Qiangdong announced third days after the price war, Tmall announced plans to invest 1 billion yuan for promotion, Han Depeng in a media interview, also did not deny that is against the Jingdong store.

, according to a person close to the Jingdong store sources, due to the "6· 18" promotion effect is obvious, and the investment of Jingdong mall sales are higher, so Jingdong mall will continue the "price war" strategy.

this means that once the leading enterprises took the lead, a new round of price war will be triggered at any moment. Moreover, whether it is the United States, Suning or Taobao, its capital chain is relatively abundant is bound to keep up. But an industry source said that the price war has played a round, some small and medium enterprises may have been reluctant to support. The second half of the price war continues, some smaller companies may collapse.

effect fear discount

appliance observers Liu Buchen believes will end around the appliance department store electricity supplier price war continued to stabilize the industry structure.

and business experts say

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