CN domain name registrant to win arbitration

      following the personal registration "Peng Wei" successfully keep their registered domain name, in less than a month’s time, another person registered the same dispute arbitration and win in Tianjin Irizar Coach Manufacturing Co. Ltd., defended their ownership of the domain name Practice has proved once again that the individual domain name registrant and the enterprise registrant also enjoy the right to be protected by law. It is reported that, as with the domain name dispute case, Tianjin Irizar Coach Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center filed a complaint, will miss liu man in Shanghai registered domain name transfer to their. The expert group decision, but ultimately rejected the request, Miss Liu managed to keep your domain name.

      many people in thinking, when individuals and businesses to individuals often because of weak and disadvantaged. However, from this year China International Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center award winning a series of individual cases, not difficult to find, the law does not affect the end result decision because the issue of identity and personal. domain name in favor of Peng Wei told reporters, when receiving the notice of arbitration Chinese Center for international economic trade, she actually had little to worry about, because after all is in a relatively weak position, but when the results came out, she was relieved. Peng Wei believes that the CN domain name registration and use of these two areas, individuals and businesses are equal, the individual has the right to legally owned domain name.

      in April of this year to successfully keep their registered domain name of the Shanghai citizen Chen Jian told reporters that the ruling at that time he was satisfied with the results. He said he has registered CN domain name has been used for traffic card collection, are legitimate, legitimate use. Therefore, the legal ruling shows that as long as the individual registered CN domain name is legitimate, can be protected by law, any organization can not forcibly deprived of personal registration CN domain name.

      in the Internet era, the domain name is the threshold for individuals and businesses to enter e-commerce, is a prerequisite for integration into the Internet to participate in the construction of the internet. Intellectual property experts, China Foreign Affairs University professor Xue Hong in a research report pointed out: "from the individual proprietorship enterprise law" to the newly revised "trademark law", the development trend of China’s law is that equality of all kinds of civil subjects engaged in economic activities. "Trademark law" has allowed individuals to apply for a registered trademark, the domain name management system is no longer necessary to prevent individuals from applying for registration of domain names such as the network logo. We should not and can not give "individuals" and "organizations" to enter the e-commerce market settings of different

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