Suning promote Mito phone so hard, the next step is to invest

hunting cloud network reported on April 25th

Su Ning, the latest trends in this old business is worth pondering.

The official

micro-blog announced: "the big stars of love with the beauties of mobile phone 2 strong incoming, Suning Mito and Mito mobile phone together – 2 Suning stores in 900 and

exclusive debut!

electricity supplier business is the first joint venture smart phone business is nothing new, HUAWEI glory joint Jingdong debut, ZTE joint Tmall is the first case of the recent case. However, the United States and the United States and Suning cooperation in addition to the significance of the channel, it seems that the two companies go too deep.


as the focus of the United States Suning Suning strategic cooperation, the company plans to Suning Suning stores in 60 cities across the country to open a total of 900 Mito mobile experience store. In addition to the 2 mobile phone Mito Mito Mito official website Tmall flagship store sales, will expand the strategic cooperation with Suning, Suning will use a line under their own advantages, rich beauty map mobile phone 2 offline channels, allowing users to experience more convenient Mito mobile phone 2 extreme self effect, in order to improve the user experience. According to the relevant person in charge of communications Suning, one of the main members of this much attention of the star Mito mobile phone 2 is Suning "mobile phone family", Suning will rely on its O2O double advantage, the line will be fully integrated with online display, experience sharing, interaction, rapid completion of Mito Mobile phone 2 nationally, and the whole network resources to help mobile phone 2 beauties for online promotion.

look at these words, the 900 line shop, mobile phone family main focus of the whole network resources, this is not the usual channels of cooperation, and more like a marriage.

Suning so hard, what is it?

can imagine the reason is Su Ning can make a O2O pressure test by Mito companies, while Suning had launched the O2O strategy, the thunder is big, but the rain is heavy, the industry is also waiting for Suning to produce transcripts. Suning earnings came out, the profit decline, the outside world has questioned the voice of Suning O2O strategy.

The significance of the cooperation between

and the United States is that a major practice Suning O2O. Previously, there is not a smart phone like Mito can quickly open 900 mobile experience store, and these mobile phone experience store will become the best test field Suning online and offline service capabilities. Suning test marketing, services, logistics and other O2O package.

to some extent, the United States and the United States to sell a number of Mito phone 2, equivalent to Suning O2O played a number of points.

Mito mobile phone 2 precise positioning of user groups, in many domestic intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, is one of the few self timer function of the main mobile phone brand, the first Jingdong Tmall or have no choice and also aroused the concern of the industry, the depth of cooperation will inevitably make people guess, so Suning Mito touted whether there are other intention.


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