Fox Amoy to improve the conversion rate of month to earn 100 million yuan

now Taobao launched Taobao guest can be described as a raging fire, many friends are in operation, and even many large sites have joined in. So many people do, how much money?. One of the data can not be verified, but the real money will not exceed 20%. There are many reasons why most of my friends can’t earn money, such as not website promotion, do not know SEO, do not know how to effectively publicize, or simply point is not to do, just three days two days fishing shrimp, not to do one thing wholeheartedly, executive power is too low. Here does not discuss the issue of individual executive power, if it is in the implementation of the force, the degree of care is sufficient enough to make money on the premise, it is necessary to think about the details of the problem.

that some friends will say, my site traffic is very high, but it is through my website links to Taobao to buy too little, the Commission naturally less, how to improve the current situation?. In fact, this is the transaction conversion rate is too low because of that we have to analyze why the conversion rate, so low? In fact, if you look at issues from the standpoint of consumers, if you are a consumer, casually in the net and found a shopping site, although that is the Taobao shopping guide, are open Taobao stores, but consumers have doubts, dare to adventure, because most people don’t know how to distinguish between genuine and fake shop. With the adventure, why not go directly to buy Taobao? This is a problem of trust, network is a virtual scene, virtual represents false things too much, so many people have to be vigilant, this is no ground for blame. But standing in the majority of our owners point of view, how can we reduce this distrust of consumers psychology.

in this regard we can learn from friends or some of the practices of the SNS website, increase the interactivity of the site, so that consumers dispel doubts. Do the following one or two points, can effectively improve the trust of the site, of course, will increase the volume:

first, why don’t you trust the site, or because your site visibility is too low, unlike some of the old network, then we can indirect relationship with these large pull, improve trust. You can deliberately in the title or page write " partner", "most trusted shopping guide website" and so on, or write "millions of users strongly recommend shopping guide website" and you can build relationships with major stations, such as Taobao’s, Sina’s "shopping station" "but under the shopping guide website which relates to the issue of intellectual property rights, but we do such a small site, basically did not care for you, as you do.

second, in addition to the title of efforts can also be on the page deliberately pull relationship with Taobao, for example, may have a few columns, you can use "Taobao the best women’s clothing store ranking" and "Taobao the best selling shop" and other words, it can cause the consumer’s curiosity, can also increase the trust degree in fact, this is a kind of psychological suggestion, consumers may to the point once saw a Taobao on the web site, but.

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