Entrepreneurship is like chasing girls all need to wholeheartedly

this is a very interesting topic! Not when writing articles for publication today found an article written by "dark horse brother entrepreneurship as the most successful entrepreneurs: girls are chasing girls". All the curious click into the, was attracted by the title, of course, I also have a personal reason for it, because I will not chase the girls, for entrepreneurship is on the road, but still confused. The friends of the company until the day before yesterday opened, many successful people know in the process of the ceremony, only a little feeling, also only a little! And then read this article after the horse brother, before adding the sentiment, back before the practice will draw some conclusions.

some pull away, back to our topic! Just made a joke, it led to disputes, some people think that this is not nonsense? Some users do not understand what is the logic, then we look at the same and their properties. As an entrepreneur is nothing more than to achieve their dreams or higher than their dreams, while chasing girls is nothing more than to let her become his girlfriend, further it is to become his wife! As for the future can be happy is not the scope of our discussion, it is a matter for others! The point of all this is almost the same place.

how to chase girls?

is for this problem I also don’t understand, I which belong to the grass root level, EQ is relatively low. A man not handsome, no money, no ability, can not chase, let the woman first! Chase girls have to determine a target girl in the world far more than tens of millions, can be you know and you are not, one thousand is eight hundred, which is why the world will appear so much of the marriage, or divorce to remarry happened! We all don’t aim too high, high may not see you. This is actually the same as we determine the target group. Choose a suitable for you on the line, of course, not too many goals, but also allows you to spend your youth, in the end nothing. Each person’s time resources are limited, if you divide the time into the N part, then you do not have the time to give that part of N+1 again! When the goal is too many will disperse our time resources!

here this morning to tear down a problem! Is a dispute about me and my friends, to participate in the ceremony in the back, in fact I like feeling as above, your time is too wide! What want to fiddle around, see what others get yourself what you want to play, did not consider whether they have the ability. All lead to the final as a general nothing groan, the thing about this is also a lot of people said, all has some insights! All currently only want to take the time to put the undivided attention in a certain aspect, do not want to follow what is fashionable". I don’t care what others say about me, I’m


don’t think about it! Go back to the topic we’ve chosen for girls

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