News aggregation startups Prismatic financing $15 million

news aggregation application Prismatic heard of Prismatic until yesterday, we have not heard. But the company founder of Bradford · Claus (Bradford Cross) kept around his company promotion. Recently, they have just from Yuri · (Yuri Milner) and Accel partner · (Jim Breyer) two VCs who got $15 million financing.

Prismatic is a news aggregation application. On the face of it, it is similar to Flipboard or Circa, also can be said to be well dressed Digg or StumblrUpon or Reddit. However, what on earth depends on the characteristics of the venture capitalists who get it?

the team received a $1 million 200 thousand seed investment about a year and a half ago. With this money, they develop a iPhone application and a web site dedicated to finding, reading, sharing, recommending and saving a variety of online news. This application also has some basic social features. For example, you can focus on other users’ article flow.

Claus said, Prismatic is a major factor is that it has a stronger than competitors.

he believes that although the mobile reader in the field of design and experience has made great progress, but in scale, interactive and user retention ability did not show the level of the mainstream content channels. I do not think that the existing news aggregation or mobile reader mode can get a long life, because social, participation, layout and navigation model a few years away from the goal there is still a big gap." He said.

also said that Prismatic plans to break through the news content, into the new areas of aggregation, including music, entertainment media, events and even retail products.

Prismatic will use the latest financing to hire a large number of designers, engineers and machine learning experts. Their San Francisco office currently has a total of 28 employees.

Claus is very concerned about the design, he hopes to a new generation of visual aesthetics and excellent interactive design together, but encountered a lot of difficulties, so the need to recruit talent to solve these problems.

When it comes to income prospects, said: "Prismatic is better able to understand you and your interests than anyone else," Claus said. So, when you come to us to find the relevant media content, local activities and interests, we will occupy a unique advantage. Users will be able to buy from us in the future, including applications and concert tickets." He believes that this direct business model will become the right way to generate income Prismatic, like

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