2006 behind Chongqing webmaster meeting discussion records

Venue: 13 floor conference room, computer News Building


01, the user personalization, but do not use objectionable tools, client

02, the content on the forum should carefully (to avoid being K), also is not a simple display

03, the forum community is the site of the springhead, retain old customers, rely on the back rate of development

04, and other company cooperation, don’t do anything you don’t have the energy can not be all good.

05, the site to maintain stability in a certain extent, often do not have major changes, such as style, plate and so on.

06, technology is not the most important, is the most important operation

07, more content (acquisition) does not necessarily have to see, see is not necessarily again, it is difficult to retain users with this

08, the user’s browsing quantity and quality, the most important user, what can do for them, how to retain the user

09, before is the content, is now in service, operation

11, need not say service 1 billion 300 million and 100 million Internet users, have a certain object and service groups, do not set too high, unless you have enough energy

13, and a large portal site never to do something very fine very fine, so there is a personal site or site of space

14, everyone has his own advantages

16, user activity is very important, the integration of resources, website cooperation is very important, not behind closed doors

17, bamboo quality is very important

18, when there is no IP no project, the most important work is the second team.

19, according to the object, area, service area, local portal and cooperation, to a selling point, not the project >

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